Former Deputy Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries complains about Chimudondon’s ‘expressions that exceed the permitted limit’ ‘It is better to give appropriate advice to the production site’: J-CAST News[Texte intégral]

Yosuke Isozaki, former Minister of State for Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries and a former member of the House of Councilors, complained again on Twitter about the NHK television novel “Chimudondon”.

Mr. Isozaki also criticized the same work on August 14. At that time, he complained that ‘NHK needs to do a serious reconsideration’, saying the script’s logic had broken down.

  • Mr. Yosuke Isozaki (Photo taken in 2015, Photo: Natsuki Sakai/Aflo)

    Mr. Yosuke Isozaki (Photo taken in 2015, Photo: Natsuki Sakai/Aflo)

  • From Isozaki's Twitter (@isozaki_yousuke)

    From Isozaki’s Twitter (@isozaki_yousuke)

  • Mr. Yosuke Isozaki (Photo taken in 2015, Photo: Natsuki Sakai/Aflo)
  • From Isozaki's Twitter (@isozaki_yousuke)

“Like an NHK morning drama…”

“Chimu Dondon” airs to coincide with the 50th anniversary of Okinawa’s return to Japan. On Twitter, people continued to express their resentment over the appearance of Nobuko and her siblings, as well as their dissatisfaction with the job.

Isozaki tweeted on August 14, “The logic of the storyline breaks down. As someone involved in promoting Okinawa, I’m disappointed. It may be too late, but NHK needs to think seriously.” drew attention to his complaints.

On September 3, Mr. Isozaki mentioned “Chimu Dondon” again on Twitter.

“Besides the logic of the script, there are expressions that cross the boundaries of what is acceptable for an NHK morning drama, such as calling my sister’s lover ‘Oko’ this week, and asking a visitor at the hospital to bring a rosary. was”

Indeed, during the 103rd broadcast on August 31, childhood friend Satoshi (Koki Maeda), who had feelings for the heroine Nobuko (Yuna Kuroshima), fell in love, and after losing love, Nobuko’s younger sister, Utako (Moka Kamishiraishi) Mr.) suddenly approached. Takeo (Yoshiaki Yoza) from Okinawa Kenjinkai feels the atmosphere and says, “So you moved on to your younger sister Utako-chan because Nobuko-chan dumped you?” There was a scene where he said:

Also, during the 104th broadcast on September 1, Satoshi had an accident and was hospitalized. Saburo (Tsurutaro Kataoka), the president of Okinawa Kenjinkai who thought he was dying, rushed into the hospital room wearing a black kimono and holding a rosary.

Mr. Isozaki sees these scenes as problematic. In the post, he also complained, “It may have been recorded, but wouldn’t it be better if the right person gave proper advice to the production site?”

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