“Katekyo no Torako” Hashimoto Ai’s political speech is withdrawn… “It got boring right away”-Maijitsu

Ai Hashimoto

Illustrated by Ai Hashimoto/Yu Saiga (C) Maijitsu

On August 31, the 7th episode of the drama “Katekyo no Torako” (NTV) starring Ai Hashimoto aired. Political ideology has suddenly become stronger, and viewers are confused.

Torako Nezu (Hashimoto) is a legendary private tutor who says, “No matter which school you want, the pass rate is 100%! And the tuition is up to you!”

She was interviewed by three mothers in their 30s, 40s and 50s, all of different ages and issues. Torako doesn’t preach or say harsh things. Just show children the reality of the world. However, children will soon learn how to use money properly.

Episode 7 describes past episodes of Torako and Fukuda Fukuda (Aoi Nakamura). Torako asks Fukuta, who works for the Ministry of Finance, “Who is happier, someone with an annual income of 6 million or someone with an annual income of 3 million?” Also, Torako begins a thorough investigation into the money lost due to past scandals in the country.

Torako’s goal is to change the world. “Innocent children suffer abuse and poverty, and people who are even dumber than me go to college with slush funds and get jobs in first-class corporations through their parents’ connections. Even though you get hurt, you won’t get a work-related accident,” he said, referring to the unreasonable disparity.

“If I can finish the story with just a tutor…”

And to the country, “This country is wasting its budget forever. , and pays generous bonuses,” he continues.

So that people can raise their children with peace of mind, and that people who have suffered disasters due to global warming can live with peace of mind, the national defense budget should be reduced to zero! he shouted.

So far, it’s been a bit of a quirky tutor story, but now it’s time to bring out the screenwriter’s political ideology.

《It suddenly got boring》
《What happened to the screenwriter? It was fun until last week
《What are you saying all of a sudden?》
《What is this propaganda drama?》
《I think it’s good to include social issues, but isn’t it superficial and poorly done? 》
《I wish I could have finished the story with just a tutor》
“I understand the feeling of wanting to complain to the world, but it just doesn’t go over at all.”
《I feel like I’m being preached to here using an actor’s lines, so I’m tired》

There are voices of reluctance.

In addition, the story of that time is a great flame when he preaches that “I can easily earn an annual income of 3 million yen, so I am happier than an annual income of 6 million yen, which is hard work.” Viewers objected, saying, “There are many black and difficult jobs with an annual income of 3 million yen.”

In the end, this drama is on the same level as a politician who pretends to be on the side of ordinary people and does not understand anything about ordinary people’s lives.

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