Kiyoshi Hikawa reveals stepfather on his 45th birthday “He gave me a lot of love” Stepmother is also a hot topic-Sports Hochi

  1. Kiyoshi Hikawa Reveals His Stepfather On His 45th Birthday “He Gave Me Lots Of Love” Stepmother Is Also A Hot Topic Soompisports report
  2. Kiyoshi Hikawa of the “Father and Battle” Determination individuality tour spelled out on his 45th birthday “While returning to what it should be…”J-CAST News
  3. Kiyoshi Hikawa’s birthday report from childhood snapshots 45 years ago “Self-awareness is sharp” “I will refine my beauty”Appendix Sponichi
  4. Kiyoshi Hikawa’s birthday is September 6! Talk about why you always want to be trueweekly women’s PRIME
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