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The Sendai Ikuei players, who won the 104th National High School Baseball Championship for the first time in the Tohoku region, visited the Miyagi Prefectural Office and the Sendai City Hall on the 5th to express their joy.

Sendai Ikuei athletes visit Miyagi Prefectural Government Office and are welcomed by staff and citizens. = Around 3:00 p.m.

Governor Yoshihiro Murai, who greeted the players at the prefectural office, said, “I would like to express my sincere thanks for bringing the crimson championship flag back to Tohoku. It brought a bright topic to residents of the prefecture who are depressed due to the novel coronavirus,” and awarded a special mention. presented a certificate of achievement and a memorial gift to Director Wataru Sue and Captain Yuto Sato. A staff member presented each player with a congratulatory bouquet made from sunflowers and roses produced in the prefecture.

Coach Sue said in her greeting, “The great wishes of the people of Tohoku have pushed us forward. Captain Sato said, “Thanks to the warm support, I was able to do my best. I’m happy to share the joy with everyone in Miyagi and Tohoku.”

At the main entrance of Sendai City Hall, the fire band performed the national high school baseball championship song, “Eikan wa Kimi ni Kagayaki”, etc., and warmly welcomed the players. Mayor Kazuko Kori presented a bouquet of flowers in front of about 200 people, including city officials and citizens, and then presented a special commendation, the “shield of praise,” inside the government building.

The county mayor, who watched the final at Koshien Stadium, said: “I got my first victory with an explosion of passion. I was very moved by the spectacular goal slam.”

The party also visited the town halls of Tagajo and Tome, where the school buildings are located, and announced the victory to the citizens.

Sendai High School baseball team manager Ikuei Sue (right) and captain Sato pose for a memorial photo after receiving a special award from Governor Murai (left) around 3:45 p.m. on May 5.

Members of the Sendai Ikuei High School Baseball Club and others taking a commemorative photo after receiving a special award at Miyagi Prefectural Office = around 4 p.m.

Captain Sato of Sendai Ikuei High School Baseball Club receives a congratulatory plaque from Sendai City Mayor (left) and takes a commemorative photo at Sendai City Hall around 4:40 p.m. on May 5.

Members of Sendai Ikuei High School Baseball Club visit Sendai City Hall and take a commemorative photo around 4:20 p.m. on the 5th.

Sendai Ikuei athletes visit Sendai City Hall and are welcomed by staff and citizens = around 4:20 p.m. on the 5th

Two people from Sanuma Junior High School in Miyagi, “I was able to give back to Tome” V report to the town hall

Sendai Ikuei Baseball Club, which won the National High School Baseball Championship for the first time, visited Tome City Hall in Miyagi Prefecture on the 5th and briefed Mayor Morihiro Kumagai and d others of the national victory. Many citizens rushed to celebrate with great applause.

When about 20 people, including the baseball club, arrived with a crimson Grand Victory Flag, citizens and staff holding banners such as “Congratulations on Sendai Ikuei’s First Victory” cheered, “Congratulations! »

During the debriefing, he was presented with a shield of glory and 300 kilograms of Hitomebore produced in Tome. Coach Sue Wataru said, “I was able to play the final while feeling the support from Tohoku and Miyagi.” Captain Yuto Sato expressed his gratitude for the support, saying, “I was able to win the championship thanks to the support of many people.”

Mayor Kumagai, who cheered on the final match in Koshien, congratulated the team saying, “We are the ones who are grateful for the wonderful power and excitement. Thanks to everyone’s efforts, the word ‘Shirakawa crossing’ has disappeared.

Two-year-old catcher Mikito Ogata and pitcher Kouki Takahashi are both from Sanuma Middle School in the same city. Catcher Ogata said, “I was able to give back to Tome”, and pitcher Takahashi said, “I got a lot of support from Tome.”

The victory report meeting was held in connection with Sendai Ikuei Gakuen (Sendai City) inaugurating the “Towa Hotarusetsu School Building” in Tome City in July.

A member of Sendai Ikuei entering the city hall with a crimson flag of great victory.Cheers rose from the citizens

Takahashi and Ogata reporting their victory to Kumagaya City Mayor (from right)
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