“Murder scenes” are okay, but why is smoking banned? Answer to popular cartoonist’s ‘Honest wonder’ ‘Hurdle problem’: J-CAST News[Texte intégral]

From September 4 to 5, 2022, Masanori Morita, a popular mangaka known for “Rokudenashi BLUES” and “ROOKIES”, questioned the expression of the cigarette in the manga on Twitter.

  • From Masanori Morita's Twitter (HITMANmorita)

    From Masanori Morita’s Twitter (HITMANmorita)

  • From Masanori Morita's Twitter (HITMANmorita)

“It’s good to draw a scene where you kill someone, but when you draw a scene where you smoke a cigarette…”

Around 3am on the 4th, Morita posted a question on Twitter, saying, “It’s good to draw a scene where you kill someone, but it’s strange that some people complain when you draw a scene where you smoke.”

In the following post, I pulled out a manga frame where a high school girl in a sailor suit puts her hand over her mouth.

“You made a poor quality correction without asking me… If you tell me, I’ll fix it myself!… No, I can’t fix it… What kind of pose is this Where are you cigarettes going?

He revealed that he once had his smoking cup altered without permission.

After that, around 2:00 p.m., he explained, “By the way, it’s a story that goes back to when the comic was published 30 years ago. I was told it was because it was a door … I remember it was okay when it was published in the magazine.”

On the 5th, he said, “Taison was Lucky Strike, and Genkichi was Marlboro. I was very tolerant, but I couldn’t change it without permission. Also, I think there are people who started smoking because of this job, so when I think about it, I feel a sense of responsibility.” While lifting it, he expanded his theory again.

Regarding the series of posts about self-regulation of cigarettes on social media, there were voices saying, “This is really strange” and “Isn’t this useless in the comic world?” “Is it a hurdle problem? Killing people is a high hurdle, but smoking a cigarette is a low hurdle.”

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