“Nothing is impossible” for Shohei Ohtani. US Expert Analyzes New “Turbo Sinker” Bullet “A Splendid Bullet” | Full Count

Pitch Analyst Rob Friedman, “The Vulgar Turbo Sinker”

Angels pitcher Shohei Otani, who hit career highs in wins and innings pitched as a pitcher this season. In the game against the Astros on September 3 (Japan time 4th), he threw 111 pitches, the most this season, and gave a good throw with 1 goal in the 8th inning. Pitching analyst Rob Friedman, known as the “Pitching Ninja”, analyzed the new “Sinker” breakup ball, which was not pitched at the start of the season, and described it as “Turbo Sinker “.

This is reported by the American media FOX Sports. “An analysis of his nasty lead,” Friedman said, referring to the new ball.

This ball has gradually multiplied the opportunities to launch since the beginning of August. In the game against the Astros on September 3 (4th), 18 of 111 shots were shots. A ball thrown against McCormick in the third inning traveled 21 inches (about 53.3 centimeters) laterally and measured a pitch velocity of 99.7 miles (about 160.5 kilometers).

Mr. Friedman commented on the start of pitching showing amazing changes over the season: “Most pitchers wait until the offseason to perfect a new type of pitch, but Ohtani added some ballast mid-season. . ” Surprised. Moreover, ‘Ohtani not only has physical abilities far removed from those of humans, but he can also increase the number of his own throws at will,’ he said.

A lead that bends sharply toward third base makes sliders and lunges more effective.

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