Optical discs will never die. Optical storage technology under $5/TB – PC Watch

Folio Photonicsannounced on August 30 (local time) that it has achieved a major breakthrough in multi-layer optical disc technology and developed a dynamic read/write optical storage disc that has dramatically achieved both low cost and big capacity. The launch of the product is planned for 2024.

It combines patented polymer extrusion and film-based disc manufacturing processes, next-generation materials and custom optical drive units to achieve high-capacity optical discs. Existing optical discs have up to 3 layers per side, but the company’s technology has achieved a film with 8 or 16 layers per side, and there are plans to increase the number of layers in the future.

At the time of introduction in 2024, 1TB per disk and 10TB will be achieved with a cartridge that bundles 10. On the other hand, in terms of cost, it can reach less than $5 per 1TB, compared to $25 by 1 TB for the hard drive. The future roadmap aims for less than $1/TB.

While tape is today’s low-cost data archiving technology, Folio Photonics optical discs offer random access, protection against electromagnetic pulse attacks, server attacks, and a 100-year lifespan.

Especially in the areas of artificial intelligence, machine learning and big data analytics, there is a growing demand for archival storage business and accessibility, and optical discs can meet this request.

According to the company, the current HDD and LTO tape roadmap is not technologically advanced enough to meet user needs and desired price range in the future, and optical discs can solve this problem. . .

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