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Regarding the performance programming of Takarazuka Revue 2023, we will inform you that the works to be performed at the[Takarazuka Grand Theatre / Tokyo Takarazuka Theatre Performance]have been decided.

Snow troupe show

■ With: Sakina Ayakaze, Aya Yumejiro

◆ Takarazuka Grand Theater: April to May 2023 (planned)
Tokyo Takarazuka Theater: June-July 2023 (planned)

musical romance

“Road of Lilac Dreams”
-Droizen Family Pride-

Written/directed/choreographed by Juei Xie

At the beginning of the 19th century, Germany experienced dizzying changes under the influence of the British industrial revolution. The Droizen family, the Junkers of the Kingdom of Prussia (nobles belonging to knights), still inherit the chivalrous spirit. In spring, colorful lilac flowers bloom abundantly in this vast territory. The eldest brother of the Droizen family, Heindrich von Droizen, is like the five brothers who built the Rothschild family (the world famous Rothschild family), a financial magnate. I dreamed of developing an industry.
One day, Hindrich is introduced to Elise, an aspiring musician, by her younger brother Josef, a music student. While clashing with the determined and intelligent Elise over innocuous matters, the two gradually become attracted to each other. Also, due to meeting Elise’s childhood friend Anton, an ironworker, the gears of the Droizen family’s railway business begin to turn.
Hindrich believed that the creation of the railway industry would lead to the development and unification of German confederations. It also overlaps with the appearance of the five brothers trying to accomplish the enterprise by joining forces. Franz, the second son of a bureaucrat who respects his brother but refutes him with conservative thinking, Georg, the third son of a soldier who is heartbroken by rumors about his father’s past, the betrayal of a lending bank, country pressure, etc. Various problems weigh on Hindrich. However, to overcome them, there was always the strength of the brothers and the love of Elise.
A story full of romance delivered in the grand theater unveiling the performance of the Snow Troupe’s new high-profile duo, Sana Ayakaze and Aya Yumejiro.

Fascinating review

“Gem of Paris!!”
– Jewels of Paris –

Written and directed by Daisuke Fujii

The city of Paris, sumptuous but hides a bewitching beauty. A work of criticism that sets out several dramatic scenes on the theme of famous places in Paris that fascinate. The new top duo Saki Ayakaze and Aya Yumejiro, who shine like jewels, will deliver a fascinating world filled with dreams of magnificent Paris. The Takarazuka Grand Theater performance will be the first performance for the 109th first-stage student.

*Details will be announced at a later date.

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