Ryosuke Miura’s Long-Awaited Reunion With Kanata Ire Is Also “A Little Steamy” Himself “Chooses The Words”-ENCOUNTER

  1. Miura Ryosuke’s Long-Awaited Meeting With Ire Kanata Is Also “A Little Steamy” Himself “Choose Your Words”MEET
  2. [Musical Fist of the North Star]Yusuke Onuki & Ayaka Hirahara & Ryosuke Miura and other gorgeous cast members sing excitedly! ?Explosive reproduction of the famous line from the original “You are already dead…” Musical production presentation “Fist of North Star ~Fist of the North Star~”oricon
  3. [Musical Fist of the North Star]”Kenshiro” Yusuke Onuki sings excitedly and shows off his famous lines! “Yuria” Hirahara Ayaka & May’n, the beautiful voice of “Rei” Ryosuke Miura Production Overviewmaidigitv
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