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[Toutes les photos]”Sitges Film Festival 2022 Fantastic Selection”

Founded in 1968, the Sitges Film Festival is held every October in the resort town of Sitges, near Barcelona, ​​Spain. It is one of the “world’s top three fantasy film festivals” specializing in genre films such as science fiction, horror and suspense, and is an officially recognized international film festival by the International Federation of Film Producers Associations (FIAPF). has become a film festival. And “Sitges Film Festival Fantastic Selection” is a film festival officially recognized by the Sitges Film Festival, which screens films carefully selected in Japan from the films screened at the Sitges Film Festival. It won enthusiastic support from Japanese horror fans. Human Trust Cinema Shibuya, Ikebukuro HUMAX Cinemas and two cinemas in Tokyo will be held at the same time for the first time. In addition, Nagoya Cinema Colle, Osaka Cine Livre Umeda, Kyoto Uplink Kyoto and Hyogo CinemaKOBE for the first time this year. It will take place. Again this year, a powerful lineup of new foreign films has landed in Japan that will drag audiences into the abyss of terror. The 6 outstanding films will premiere during this film festival. Sitges and other international film festivals are pushing hard for the body-stealing thriller “Palamidoro”, and the comedy “Vegan’s Ham”, a couple of butchers with clear black humor. And “Halloween KILLS” with A. Matichak “Mother of cursed son Laura”, and “Durable Zombie” in which the rebel army risks their lives to challenge the mission at the end of the century where zombies are the source of nutrition. Don’t miss the screaming horror ‘Kidnapping Behind the Door’, which depicts the terrifying experiences of boys who have been kidnapped by someone, and the slapstick comedy ‘Boku no Deco 23-year-old Vampire Brother’ , a comedy slapstick about me and my brother who appeared as a vampire. Strictly prohibited, new works of attention have been collected. Six types of key visuals that condense the individuality of each work are also raised at the same time. Additionally, the film festival poster visual shows a man and a woman being chased by someone, and has an exciting design that captures the impending dread. ■ Event Information “Sitges Film Festival Fantastic Selection 2022” October 21 (Friday) – November 10 (Thursday): Human Trust Cinema Shibuya October 21 (Friday) – November 3 (Thursday / Public Holiday): Ikebukuro HUMAX Cinemas November held : Cinemaskole October 28 (Friday) to November 17 (Thursday): Cine Libre Umeda November 4 (Friday) to November 17 (Thursday): Uplink Kyoto November 5 (Saturday)-November 25 (Friday): Cinema KOBE Daytime general public: 1,600 yen * Various services apply, please contact each theater for details.

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