Teruyuki Kagawa ‘Cause and Effect’ by the Kabuki World, Who Was Treated Like a Second Order Ennosuke Ichikawa Also Sees Relief | East Sports Current Affairs News

From left to right, Kagawa and Ennosuke Ichikawa from
From left to right, Kagawa and Ennosuke Ichikawa from “Ichikawa Chusha” (2013, East Sports Web)

Where is actor Teruyuki Kagawa (56) going?

Kagawa fell head over heels for the sexual assault report against the Ginza hostess. Six of the seven corporate sponsors, led by “Toyota of the World”, have all but disappeared.

The only remaining company, Dainippon Pyrethrum (Kincho), is also “under consideration” for the future. The possibility of losing income, which would be 500 million yen, appeared.

The continued “exclusion” from the world of television. Withdrew from the TBS morning show “THE TIME” (TBS), which was a regular on Fridays. “Kagawa Teruyuki’s Amazing Insects!” TBS had decided to appear as the main cast in the Sunday drama “Atom’s Child,” which premieres in October, but is said to have “sneaked in” after a series of reports.

“There were other tasks that were already decided, but they were also fluid. At first, Mr. Kagawa seemed to think he would be able to work his way through, but the second and third arrows flew towards him, and he died in battle,” a TV official said.

The only thing left is the work of Kabuki acting as “Ichikawa Nakasha”. Because audiences pay to see the play, “the hurdles to appearing are low. Like our predecessors, even if a scandal erupts, there’s an atmosphere where if you have a solid ‘art’, you can do something about it. against this.” .

However, Kagawa’s reputation in the Kabuki world is not good. In 2011, he reconciled with his father, Enno Ichikawa, who had been interrupted for 40 years. At the press conference, Saruo gave a speech saying, “Thank you for being beyond kindness and hate”, and Kagawa cried. The following year, Kagawa took the name “Ichikawa Chusha” and performed for the first time. A story of a person involved in the world of Kabuki.

“In the beginning, I was very enthusiastic, but in recent years, my main focus has been on acting. In the kabuki world, there are a lot of people who complain that Mr. Kagawa doesn’t practice enough. was my son, Dango Ichikawa, who entered the world of Kabuki as a child.

Due to a series of scandals, Kagawa has no choice but to find a way out in the world of Kabuki, which he had treated like a side player. Some believe Ennosuke Ichikawa, who has a close relationship with him, will “reach out”, but it’s also true that there is a “midsize car allergy” in the industry. Can Kagawa lead the way?

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