Teruyuki Kagawa sexual harassment case, American point of view completely different from Japan

Why did you apologize even though there was no trial, and why was it made public after the settlement?

Teruyuki Kagawa when he was named an image character for a new product released by Toyo Suisan in 2020 (taken on September 8, 2020, Photo: Pasya/Aflo)

Completely ignored by mainstream US media such as the NYT

Kabuki actor Teruyuki Kagawa (56), one of the finest actors of his generation, is in dire straits due to a string of sexual abuse reports.

I don’t know who the source of the news is, but TV stations suddenly canceled Kagawa’s star program, which had been in high demand due to the incessant coverage of “Weekly Shincho.”

Toyota Motor Corporation and other large companies that used Mr. Kagawa as a billboard fired Mr. Kagawa.

It all started with Weekly Shincho, which reported “Mr. Kagawa’s past when he was violent towards the hostess of a luxury club in Ginza”.

Foreign media have shown no interest at this stage.

However, when Mr. Kagawa apologized on television on September 2, the news was reported out of the blue.

Even so, Tokyo correspondents from mainstream US and UK media did not send a single line.

(The New York Times, Washington Post, CNN and other major outlets did not report until September 4.)


“Mr. Kagawa may be famous in Japan, but he is completely unknown in the entertainment world in the United States. Moreover, the sexual harassment scandals in Europe and the United States are enough to feed the horses, and they are not worthy of attention.” (Hollywood reporter)

Americans learned about the incident from YouTube, Japanese newspaper sites in English, and Korean sites in English (there are sites such as “latitimes” which imitate the “Los Angeles Times”).






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