The program apologizes to cosplayer Enako? Disruption in the Absence of Nobu “Aiseki” »

Enako who appeared in a Kuma-chan style cosplay costume (C) ABC TV

Professional cosplayer Enako, who has over 3 million SNS followers and an annual income of over 100 million yen, will appear on “Aiseki Shokudo” (ABC TV) on September 6. However, an unforeseen situation occurred and the program apologized to Enako before the broadcast.

In August this year, Nobu was hospitalized for a right vertebral artery dissection. In fact, in anticipation of an unforeseen situation in MC Chidori, the program will hold the “Dream MC Superman Tag Tournament” in 2020, and Katsumi Sayuri, who won the tournament, will suddenly act like a pinch hitter this time around, especially .

Daigo, who hasn’t been told who will be the replacement, can’t hide his confusion as soon as the two appear. Indeed, in the “MC Tournament”, two people who were too tsukkomi ran out of time, and ultimately couldn’t see the VTR of the trip until the end. Daigo warns them both, “Travellers are the main ones!”, and the VCR starts up.

Katsumi and Sayuri, who appeared in the studio of “Aiseki Shokudo” as Nobu’s pinch hitter, and Daigo who looks anxious (C) ABC TV

Enako, a super idol who is active as a singer and voice actress, as well as magazine burning, appeared in a Kuma-chan style cosplay costume. Visit Takachiho City, Nishiusuki District, Miyazaki Prefecture, a treasure trove of power points dotted with 200 shrines and considered the land where the gods live.

“I’m shy and this is my first time on a travel program,” says Enako, who is confused by the unfamiliar location and walks around town. A local resident told me that it would be great to take a picture of Manai Falls from a boat and see a rainbow reflected in it, so Enako set his sights on the waterfall.

In the process, Katsumi and Sayuri keep pressing the “Wait a minute” button one after another. To the two raging more than last time, Daigo can’t help but tell them “Wait a minute” more than VTR’s Enako, and finally reveals his true intentions, “Nobu, please restore- you !”.

The program revealed, “If you’re a fan of seat sharing, this is a shocking episode that will give you 200% satisfaction.” Will the VTR be on the air until the end? This boss will air starting at 11:17 p.m. on September 6.

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