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New products and menus for Tokyo DisneySea’s new nighttime entertainment show “Believe! ~Sea of ​​Dreams~” are now available. The goods will be released from November 7, 2022 (Monday), and the menu will be released from November 1 (Tuesday).

New Night Show “Believe! ~Sea of ​​Dreams~”

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“Believe! ~Sea of ​​Dreams~” is a new nighttime entertainment show that will be held at the Mediterranean Port of Tokyo DisneySea starting Friday, November 11. Set in a place filled with “Wishing Stars” that are born when you make a heartfelt wish, Friends of Disney makes dreams come true.

New products such as T-shirts and pouches

T-shirt ¥2,900
T-shirt ¥2,900

New products and menus will appear in the park before the new water show. T-shirts, pouches, cups, etc. with Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse on a glitter boat will appear.

Large bath towel 3,400 yen
Large bath towel 3,400 yen

Artwork of Peter Pan, Wendy, Aladdin, Rapunzel, Miguel, Ariel, Moana, and Elsa appearing in the series are enabled for large bath towels, stainless steel bottles, and hand cream sets. A wonderful depiction of Disney friends making their dreams come true.

“Shiny” Popcorn Bucket

Popcorn with bucket ¥3,000
Popcorn with bucket ¥3,000

Buckets of popcorn inspired by the show will be sold at the popcorn wagon at Tokyo DisneySea. As you move the domed lid from side to side, the ship’s bottom design with Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse on it spins, giving it a playful finish. It also has a light, and when the light is turned on, the character emerges.

Candies with memories

Mixed fruit jelly and white chocolate mousse with souvenir cup ¥900
Mixed fruit jelly and white chocolate mousse with souvenir cup ¥900

Check out the menu with souvenirs at Café Portofino. “Mixed Fruit Jelly & White Chocolate Mousse” comes with a mug featuring Peter Pan, Wendy, Rapunzel, and more, and “Caramel & Chocolate Cake” comes with a plate with Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse artwork.

Tokyo DisneySea “Believe! ~Sea of ​​Dreams~”
■ New products
Release date: November 7, 2022 (Monday)
Shop selling: Emporio miscellaneous goods, some Valentina’s Sweet confectionery
Sample article:
・Large bath towel 3,400 yen
・T-shirt 2,900 yen
· Ballpoint pen set 1,450 yen
*A reserve pass may be required to enter certain park stores (depending on the situation, it may be extended or changed without notice). For details, check the official Tokyo Disney Resort website.

■ New menu
Release date: Tuesday, November 1
・ Popcorn with bucket ¥3,000
Shop selling: Popcorn wagon at Tokyo DisneySea
・Mixed fruit jelly and white chocolate mousse with souvenir cup 900 yen
・Caramel chocolate cake with souvenir plate 900 yen
Sales outlet: Café Portofino

* Prices, designs, release dates, stores, etc. are subject to change without notice. Also, it may be out of stock or sold out.

Tokyo Disney Resort Information Center
*From some PHS, IP phones and international calls, TEL: 045-330-5211


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