We would like to inform you that Yuki Abe’s (Current Urawa Reds Youth Coach) retirement match will be (scheduled) on Saturday 12th November.

【Insight】Yuki Abe’s retirement match

[Date et l’heure]Saturday 12 November 2022 (Kick-off time to be determined)

【Venue】Saitama Stadium 2002
* Match cards, participating players, ticket sales plans, etc. will be announced later as soon as they are decided.

[Commentaire de Yuki Abe]
“I have decided to hold my retirement match on November 12.
I am very honored to have such an opportunity. Thanks.
I retired from the 2021 season, but I, Yuki Abe, have started my next life.
Through various experiences of my active life, I have felt the splendor of soccer.
In the rest of my life, I would like to tell my juniors, those who have supported me so far and those who will continue to support me, about the fun and difficulty of the sport of soccer, and what I lived myself. increase.
I hope this game will be one of them.
The most important thing is that everyone watching the game enjoys it and smiles. And I want to send power to everyone.
Everyone, look forward to it. Thanks!”

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