What Happened to Posco… A “Marine Corps Armored Car” Appeared Running Through the Flooded Road | Joongang Ilbo | Joongang Daily

ⓒ JoongAng Ilbo / JoongAng Ilbo Japanese version2022.09.06 15:59

A Marine Corps armored car appeared at Posco Pohang Steel Works on the 6th, while heavy rain fell in Pohang due to Typhoon No. 11.

The 1st Marine Corps Division used an Amphibious Armored Assault Vehicle (KAAV) to enter the entrance to Posco Steel Works and other flooded roads in the morning. At a steel mill, a Navy armored vehicle was seen wading through muddy water and over flooded roads.

Marine Corps armored vehicles were reportedly deployed to extinguish the fire that broke out at POSCO that day.

According to Gyeongbuk Fire Department and Pohang City Posco, fires broke out at three locations around 7:17 a.m. on the same day: Pohang Steel Works No. 2 Hot Rolling Plant, Stainless Steel No. 2 Steel Works and Technology Research Center. However, the firefighters who were dispatched to the scene were not even able to enter the factory, where firefighting work was urgently needed. Typhoon No. 11 rained more than 100mm per hour in Pohang, flooding the steel mill roads.

A Marine Corps armored vehicle also appeared in downtown Pohang, attracting attention. The 1st Marine Corps Division dispatched rescue personnel from the Nambu Fire Department in armored vehicles to rescue residents who needed to be isolated in the flooded area of ​​Cheongnim-dong, Nam-gu, Pohang.

In contrast, outside the POSCO steel plant, fires were seen in multiple locations on the same day, but POSCO said this had nothing to do with the fire. Due to the shutdown of the company’s facilities, there was a risk of the gaseous byproduct exploding, so when they burned it and released it, citizens who witnessed the flames the misunderstood as a fire, according to the explanation.

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