Why Shohei Otani won’t be MVP… American journalist highlights the existence of “bored” journalists | Full Count

In the game against the Tigers, he reached No. 32 and moved up to 2nd place in the league.

■ Angels 10-0 Tigers (Japan 6th time, Anaheim)

Angels pitcher Shohei Ohtani hit his 31st and 32nd homers of the season in a game against the Tigers on the 5th (Japan time 6th). What is likely to get noisy here is the league MVP’s battle with the judges. MLB analyst Ryan Spader said it would be “embarrassing” if Ohtani didn’t win the MVP award, explaining why.

Spader took to Twitter to share his opinion. Since the MVP will be determined by a press vote, “The reason for this is that Ohtani is likely to end up with a better result than last year, but he does not have the right to vote to belong to several Baseball Writers Association of America (BBWAA). For some reason, there are certain groups of journalists who get tired of his piece.”

Last season, Ohtani hit 46 homers as a defenseman and won nine as a pitcher. And this year, the pitcher’s evolution has been remarkable, and he’s already won 11 and hit 32 homers as a hitter. It’s even possible to hit both the regular turn at bat and the regular pitch count. “If he hadn’t had[sa performance]last year and had that performance this year, he would definitely be the unanimous MVP,” Spader said.

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