Will Munetaka Murakami reach Japan’s new 61 shots? Analysis of the remaining matches by “strengths and weaknesses” by stage | Full Count

Murakami this season is characterized by mass production in visitor stadiums, specializing in Koshien and Mazda

Yakult infielder Munetaka Murakami hit 51 home runs for the 4th, which is tied for eighth most in NPB history. On top of that, Sadaharu Oh (Giant) hit 55, the most by a Japanese player in 1964, and 60 homers, the most in NPB history, set by Valentin (Yakult) in 2013. Will he able to hit nine homers in the remaining games to tie and surpass the record? I analyzed the rest of the game from a “ballpark” perspective.

Yakult has already played 121 games and there are 22 left. The breakdown is 10 games in Jingu, the home base, followed by Koshien with 4 games, Bantelin Dome with 3 games, Yokohama Stadium and Mazda Stadium with 2 games each, and Tokyo Dome with 1 game.

What is characteristic of Murakami’s performance this season is that he shows high-paced mass production in ballparks other than his home base, Jingu. Calculating the home runs per game for each baseball team, Jingu has 19 in 58 games, or 0.3275 per game, while Koshien has 5 in 6 games, and 0.833. At Mazda Stadium, 0.8 of 8 shots in 10 games. 0.7 out of 7 out of 10 matches at the Dôme de Bantelin. At Yokohama Stadium, 0.5454 for 6 out of 11 games. Tokyo Dome has the least, with 2 homers in 9 games, or 0.222 per game. Mass production in Koshien and Bantelin stands out.

Looking at this probability, fortunately, there is only one more match in Tokyo Dome, which I am not good at. Multiplying the number of homers per game by the number of games remaining, Koshien has 3 out of 5 games, Jingu has 3 out of 10 games, Yokohama has 1 out of 2 games, Vantelin has 2 out of 3 games, and Mazda has One will be born in two matches (rounded down to the nearest decimal point). If he hits 10 in the remaining 22 games, he will set a new NPB record of 61 in a season.

Of course, there is also the nomination and condition of the opposing pitcher. There may be instances where pitchers are avoiding games more than ever. First of all, what kind of result will he bring in the Hanshin 2 (Koshien) match from 6th? Koshien on July 31 was the starting point for professional baseball’s newest five-at-bat home run.

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