YouTuber Yutabon School Refusal, I Don’t Understand “99” Arithmetic Net Impact “None 2” “Yabai”: J-CAST News[affichage en texte intégral]

Yutabon (13), a truant YouTuber who claims to be a “revolutionary boy”, appears on the YouTube live cast of music group “Repezen Foxx (formerly Repezen Earth)”, saying he wants to go at Harvard University. an act in which the multiplication of the multiplication table cannot be said, and there are voices of disgust on SNS.

  • From Yutabon's Instagram (yutabon_youtuber)

    From Yutabon’s Instagram (yutabon_youtuber)

  • From Yutabon's Instagram (yutabon_youtuber)

“I have to remember the times tables.”

The cast of Repezen Foxx on September 3, 2022 collaborated with the commercial reality show “Reiwa no Tora CHANNEL” and distributed Amazon gift cards to viewers. Between presentations, Repezen Foxx members listened to presentations from influencers who wanted to invest and decided to invest.

Mr. Yutabon, who appeared as the first petitioner, said the desired investment amount was 10 million yen. Regarding the goal, he said, “I want to go to Harvard University.”

Regarding the precise distribution of the 10 million yen, Yutabon said, “To go to Harvard University, you have to go by boat. The boat alone costs 2 million yen. He also said, “I go to cram school,” adding that cram school costs 5 million yen.

While explaining the details, Yutabon said, “I need to memorize the multiplication table,” and the performers turned their attention to the history of the multiplication table. Yutabon, who says the ninth step is the most difficult, answered “9 x 1 = 9”, “9 x 2 = 18” and “9 x 3 = 27” smoothly, but “9 x 4 = 36”. I couldn’t finish saying “9 x 6 = 54”, so I skipped the calculation in the middle and answered “9 x 9 = 81”.

In response to this series of events, there are voices on social media saying, “No matter how bad it is not being able to do the multiplication table” and “It’s too bad you can’t can’t do the multiplication table even if you’re in second year of college.”

According to the Primary School Curriculum Guidelines announced in 2017 (Heisei 29), in mathematics, in the second grade, one must “know the multiplication tables and be able to calculate the multiplication between 1-digit numbers and 1-digit numbers “. It is said that

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