Yuki Tsunoda ‘I thought it was obviously strange’ in Dutch GP finale, rebukes for loosening belt and downgrading to 10 grids in next race… team also explain the situation | F1 | DAZN News Japan

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After the Dutch GP Final of Round 15 of F1 2022, Alpha Tauri’s Yuki Tsunoda reflects on the disappointing race.

AlphaTauri didn’t perform well in Zandvoort, and in FP1 and FP2 on Friday they were expected to have a tough fight as they fell short of the leaders. However, AlphaTauri tweaked the machine until Saturday’s qualifying session, and in Q1 qualifying, Yuki Tsunoda set the 3rd fastest time and decided to advance to Q2. Tsunoda passed Q3 in the qualifying session and secured 9th place on the grid.

And in the final, Tsunoda lost two positions in the position immediately after the start, and aimed to come back from 11th place. Tsunoda suddenly signaled a machine issue on lap 43/72 when he went soft-medium and went hard for the 3rd stint.

Tsunoda radioed the team that “the tires don’t match” as the traction was obviously odd. The team immediately responded, “It should be in there!” and asked Tsunoda to keep running.

After stopping the car once, Tsunoda returned to the pits for a slow run and changed to soft tires and buckled his seatbelt. After more than 30 seconds at this pit stop, Tsunoda returned to the track. However, the team informed him that there was something wrong with the differential and Tsunoda again gave up on continuing the race.

Tsunoda expressed his disappointment: “The pace seemed pretty good for the race. Official team media reported.

“I lost a few places just after the start of the race, but I believed the pace was not bad and I was confident that I could pick it up little by little. I could have finished in the top 10.”

“I went to the pits to change the tyres, but as soon as I got back on the track I felt something was wrong.

“Our target was to finish in the points, but unfortunately we didn’t achieve that,” said Claudio Balestri, chief vehicle performance engineer for Dutch Grand Prix AlphaTauri.

“Yuuki and Peter[Gathrie]had some smooth starts, so I thought we’d have to look carefully[la dégradation]tires.”

“On the first lap I lost positions after being passed by (Esteban) Ocon and (Lance) Stroll and in the first stint Yuuki was 11th and Pierre was 12th. Pierre did 10 laps in traffic and how the tires fell. He was ahead.

“Even in the second stint Pierre ran behind Yuuki and the tire deterioration was noticeable. competitive. okay”

“Because of this, Gasly decided to switch to the hard tires early. I asked Yuuki to continue the second stint with the medium tyres, and after confirming that the harder compound was working, Yuuki also switched to the hard tyres. “

“But after the pit stop, Yuuki reported that there was something wrong with the rear of the car. We called him back and decided to change the tires again (from hard to tender).”

Mr Balestri only wrote that the cause was “under investigation within the team”, and avoided clarifying the details of the issue.

As Tsunoda reported on team radio, “The tires don’t fit!”

“When I accelerated out of the pits, I felt like I was skating to one side. I was

After the race, the stewards ruled that Tsunoda in car #22 was reprimanded for a traffic violation.

After changing the hard tires, Tsunoda pulls the machine to the side of the track, loosens his seatbelt, and tries to get out of the cockpit. After that, he ran around the track with the belt loose (not removed) and returned to the pits, which was a rule violation.

AlphaTauri was also investigated, as suspicions arose that the team had freed him from the pits in a dangerous condition. However, the tires arrived without any problems and the machine was not in a dangerous state, so the team concluded that there was no problem. It seems that the problem with the machine felt by Tsunoda was due to a differential problem.

It was a disappointing ending for Tsunoda, as he advanced the race in such a position that he was aware of winning the prize. And due to the fifth reprimand, he is expected to be demoted 10 grid places in the next round, the Italian GP. I would like to pay attention to whether it is possible to bounce back from the serious situation and show the results.

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