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Yuriko Ishida will release her first mini-album under the name

of the actressYuriko Ishida(52) released their first mini album “Lily” under the name of the musical activity projectlittle songwill be released on October 26.

Ishida, who celebrated her 35th birthday as an artist, will flourish as a singer under the name “lis”, which means “lily” in English. Regarding the release of her debut album, Lily said, “Actually, as a person who lives by expression, I’ve always dreamed of singing.Anytimehas been. That’s why when I was asked if I wanted to try singing, I felt like a fire was kindled in my heart.”

Lily, who has long professed to love music, released a digital single “” in December last year, featuring songs by singer-songwriter Ohashi Trio (44), who was a huge fan.MAGIC” debuted. This mini-album was composed and produced by Ohashi, and Lily wrote the lyrics for four original songs, including “Utakata” and “Tokyo no Sora.” “It was difficult to write the lyrics, but when the melody and the words fit together perfectly, I suddenly felt like a door had opened in front of me,” he recalls.

“Singing songs, writing lyrics, and then taking shape and releasing them to the world. I feel like I’m dreaming,” Lily said. On November 3, it was decided that he would appear as a guest at Ohashi’s 15th anniversary performance and perform a song. It will be the first live performance of her life, but Lily said innocently, “I feel like I’m going to crumble from the tension right now.”

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