Yutabon ‘Cancel Japan Around Japan’ Criticized in Buchigire Verification Draft ‘Unbound Anti is Just Jealous and Jealous’: J-CAST News[Texte intégral]

In a YouTube video posted on September 5, 2022, absentee YouTuber Yutabon vehemently hit back at criticism of a crowdfunding project that raised money to support absentee children across the country.

  • From Yutabon's YouTube video

    From Yutabon’s YouTube video

  • From Yutabon's Instagram (@yutabon_youtuber)

    From Yutabon’s Instagram (@yutabon_youtuber)

  • From Yutabon's YouTube video
  • From Yutabon's Instagram (@yutabon_youtuber)

“In fact, I met more than 35 children…”

At the end of 2021, Yutabon launched a crowdfunding project saying, “I want to travel around Japan with the Yutabon Study No. and bring energy and courage to people all over Japan!” Regarding the objective of the project, he said: “I would like to meet and talk not only with children but also with adults who do not go to school, children who are suffering”.

Although more than 4.8 million yen in support was received against the target amount of 3.8 million yen, the scheduled departure around April 2022 was postponed due to events such as appearances. The study left on June 30.

Since then, Yutabon has been posting videos and social media of his travels, but it has been pointed out on the internet that the initial plan to “support out-of-school children” has not been sufficiently implemented.

Yutabon made a live appearance during the August 27 cast of reveal YouTuber Korekore and explained the issue. Even if you don’t make a video of it saying, “I actually met over 35 kids,” and you actually support a lot of kids who refuse to go to school, there’s no has no evidence, such as photos or recorded messages, that can be used as evidence. It cannot be made public.

At some point on the internet, a petition to stop crowdfunding was also started. As of September 6, although the signature campaign has ended, more than 5,500 supporters have gathered.

Yutabon refuted these issues in a video on the 5th. At first, he said, “I would like to check if there are people making noise about my club fan, ‘Get your money back!’

“Why did you say that to someone who wasn’t even supporting you?”

According to Yutabon, it was not the supporters who signed the petition demanding that the project be canceled and refunded. He said: “I’m sorry that someone who didn’t support me didn’t say that, but the fans still support me.” did it.

The 147 people who have supported Yutabon via crowdfunding can email Yutabon, but it is said that they haven’t received any requests for cancellations or reviews.

Yutabon said, “Well, 0 of the 147 fans who emailed me to cancel the trip to Japan and refund me? I’m jealous because I’m just messing around on my own.”

Yutabon said that to prove his theory, he would call supporters who actually support him and ask their opinion. It is said that we will contact people who have actually given a large support of 10,000 yen or more through crowdfunding.

When the first man said, “It’s been a long time, I’ve been beaten a lot,” Yutabon said with a wry smile, “It’s true. The man went on to say, “Mr. Korekore also told me a bit about it. When I go to rural areas, I eat as much delicious food as possible.

This man said, “I support Yutabon all the time. I think we can’t help saying that (including critics), because there are different people. I don’t care (voice around me), do what I want I think it would be great if you did it right and you have a sense of accomplishment and you have no regrets, so do your best.

Then the caller said, “These guys, if you criticize Yutabon’s father, you can gain access (I criticize).”

To Yutabon, who said, “I don’t understand what you mean,” said the supporter, “It’s a joke. It’s like a celebrity tax, because you’re doing something that (the critics) can’t do. Everyone is just jealous of what they can’t do. You can’t lose to idiots, because Yutabon sticking to himself is the coolest.”

Supporter: “There are things we need to listen to the voices of the world.”

Among the supporters who called, there was also a supporter who gave advice while remaining close to Yutabon.

The man said, “As a premise, I sympathize with Yutabon’s ideas. I really want to support him.” Some of the followers may be able to leak this and have them serve as witnesses.

The men can understand a lot because they actually interact with Yutabon and their fathers, saying, “I think there will be more people supporting me if I can explain well what Yutabon does and what he is about. is acting.” I don’t think so, Yutabon is misunderstood.”

“It is also necessary to listen to the voice of the public. It is better to take seriously why people think this way and why their thoughts have not been expressed. Or, if there is something I can do, I’d like to help.” “I’m not asking you to do it, but I can do it, so whenever Yutabon wants to take this option, talk to me.”

In response to the man’s opinion, Mr. Yutabon replied, “Thank you very much, I can consult with you anytime.

Yutabon said: “It’s the voice of the supporters. I found out that I had done anti!”, He concluded.

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