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Yutin Seki, winning the longtime wish in 6th grade to participate in the Japan Tour... Currently studying Japanese!

Seki Yutin (19 at the time) sending a peace sign to this magazine in 2017

until September 4female golfVisitsIn “Golf 5 Ladies”,Seki Yutin(24) won the playoffs with Yuri Yoshida (22) for the first time on a regular tour.to windecorated the His eyes were filled with tears after claiming his first victory in six years since participating in the Japan Tour.

Seki Yutin’s victory is her home country,ChinaHowever, it became a hot topic, and many happy voices were posted on SNS Weibo, saying, “Congratulations on winning the Japan Women’s Tour for the first time!”

Yutin Seki was born in Fukui Prefecture due to his father’s job and spent his time in Japan until he was five years old. After that, he started playing golf in China at the age of 7 and turned professional in 2014. In 2016, when she was 18, she was nicknamed the “Chinese genius girl” because ‘She was crowned China Tour Money Queen.

Since 2017 he has been a serious participant in the Japan Tour and in 2018 he passed the Japan Tour Pro Test. In 2019, she won her first victory at the “Nichi-Iko Women’s Open” on the lower circuit, and won the 2020 JLPGA Rookie Match “Kaga Denshi Cup”.

“On the lower level circuit he was still competing for victory in the front rows, and expectations were high that he would do well on the regular circuit.

I’m still learning Japanese, so I don’t speak it very well, but if that’s just an answer, that’s fine. He’s a very polite player who can say hello properly, and I’ve never heard anything bad about him.” (Golf Reporter)

In fact, in 2017, when she made her Japan tour debut, she also flashed a cute smile on camera in this magazine.

“When I called him as he moved around the room, he answered with a smile. It was popular among photographers, and he already had a lot of fans at that time.”

And there is another reason why it attracts attention.

“She is also known as a sister-in-law with her younger sister Yuuri (20), who sometimes carries Yutin’s bag as a shopping cart, and many photographers were aiming for two shots of them.

Yuuri is fluent in Japanese. She also participates in the “My Navi Next Heroine Golf Tour” (a tournament that offers a place for young golfers wishing to turn professional to gain experience). I used to have a navel piercing, so maybe I’m a bit more mischievous than my older sister (laughs)” (photographer)

I don’t know if it was a craving for my sister’s pierced earrings, but my sister also made that comment in an interview with the winner.

“I’m at an age where I want to spend time with my lover, but since I decided to play golf, I have to give up and work hard. That’s one of the difficulties (laughs).”

Yutin Seki, who expressed her heartbreaking girlish heart, won her first victory on the regular tour, and her fame has increased, and there is no doubt that the number of fans will increase rapidly. I want to see her smile again with the winning cup in her hand!

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