《Crab Douraku “Adultery Date Shooting”》 “Designed to support adultery?” ‘Team Mahal’ ability to assist Olympic silver medalist Masaharu Yoshimura through ‘tumult of adultery and divorce’ ‘Now table tennis’ | bunshun online

Table tennis player Masaharu Yoshimura, who has a wife and two young children, has had many encounters with an ordinary woman, Ms. B. Yoshimura is a player who contributed to Japan’s first men’s team silver medal in the Rio de Janeiro Olympics in 2016, and is a promising candidate who is expected to play an active role in the Paris Olympics in 2024. Mr. B, who had an unusual relationship with Yoshimura, was originally a fan of Yoshimura , and it seems the relationship deepened after being introduced by a mutual friend at the venue. Nowadays, Mr. B often appears at the match venue, and he is also seen entering the hotel where Yoshimura is staying.

Maharu Yoshimura (from official website)

On the other hand, as the relationship between the two deepened, Yoshimura told his wife A of his intention to divorce. However, his attitude has changed time and time again, and Mr. A is said to be having days of joy and sorrow.

On August 30, “Bunharu Online” caught Yoshimura and Mr. B having a date in Ginza. (first timeRead from)


Feel refreshed in a private couple’s room in a luxury beauty salon

After 9:00 p.m., Mr. Yoshimura and Mr. B, who came out of “Kani Douraku”, visited a high-end beauty salon in Ginza, which is also used by famous celebrities and YouTubers. After finishing the reception with a familiar appearance, we will be guided to a private room for couples.

Mr. Yoshimura and Mr. B leaving Kani Doraku Ginza 8-chome ©Kotaro Ueda/Bungeishunju

It was before midnight when they left the store, and the two with refreshing expressions went to the convenience store to buy drinks and yogurt. With a natural flow, Mr. B took the wallet out of the tote bag over his shoulder and put the products in the bag without taking a plastic bag. Yoshimura looked at Mr. B at his side.

After enjoying the oil spa, we stopped at a convenience store and took a taxi home.©Kotaro Ueda/Bungeishunju

After that, when the two got into a taxi and arrived at Yoshimura’s apartment, they looked around and entered a room.

Mr. Yoshimura and Mr. B enter their apartment room while paying attention to their surroundings. ©Kotaro Ueda/Bungeishunju

At 5:00 p.m. on the 31st, there was a man entering Yoshimura’s apartment. About 40 minutes later, the man leaves the apartment with Mr. B, takes a taxi and takes Mr. B to Shinagawa station. Mr. B went straight to the airport, bought a flight to Fukuoka, and entered the baggage inspection area. Who are the men ?

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