3D battle action “Alice Gear Aegis CS ~Concerto of Simulatrix~” is released today! (Impress Watch)

[Voir une autre image liée à cet article]Additionally, a limited edition bundled with Kotobukiya’s plastic model series “Megami Device (Kaede & Shitara)” will be released together with the main game. Quantities are limited and the price is 25,080 yen (tax included). “Alice Gear Aegis” is a 3D action shooting game operated for Android/iOS, and this work is PS5/PS4/Nintendo Switch version. Continuing from the smartphone game, the production team includes Fumikane Shimada for character supervision and design, and ZUNTATA, a group of sound designers, for music. This work, which added rich expressions and 3D action elements that could not be achieved in smartphone games, includes a variety of game modes such as multiplayer with up to 6 people.[Histoire]At the end of the 21st century, mankind was suddenly attacked by the mysterious mechanical lifeform Weiss and was forced to escape from Earth. Fleeing the galaxy for half a century, the all-powerful artificial intelligence[ALICE]discovered the show. The girls called actresses with broadcast abilities completely change the combat situation with Weiss. Peace was brought by competing forces. One day, the parent agency AEGiS receives a request for cooperation in a demonstration experiment of the “CS” simulated combat simulation system between actresses. ■ Game System In this game, we make full use of 3D space and turn it into a full-fledged 3D combat action game. Battles between actresses that were never possible before are now possible. Online multiplayer which can be enjoyed by up to 6 people at the same time is implemented, and you can play tag matches where 1 player uses 3 characters, and up to 6 simultaneous battle royales where 1 player uses 1 character. actress with proud weapons and costumes. Also includes an original story created for this work. In addition to enjoying the dialogue only here, the story of 22 actresses will be implemented in full voice. ■ The limited edition with “Megami Device (Kaede & Shitara)” will be released at the same time. Limited Edition Perks include Megami Device “Kaede Azuma/Meikyo Shisui CS” and “Kaneshiya Shitara/Bharata” which can only be obtained here. “, and 4 “gold and silver stickers” which can be personalized as you wish are included.[Avantages de l’édition limitée]・Megami device “Kaede Azuma/Meikyo Shisui CS” ・Megami device “Shitara Kaneshiya/Bharata CS” ・Sticker “Alice Gear Aegis CS Marking Set A” ・Sticker “Alice ・Gear Aigis CS Marking Set B” ・Sticker “Alice Gear Aigis CS Marking Set B” CS NON scale Kaede Azuma” ・”Alice Gear Aegis CS NON scale Shitara Shiya” Sticker *Equipment is not included with this product. © 2022 Pyramide, Inc.

GAME watch, Takayuki Midori (Craful)

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