Chimudondon slammed ‘harassment and burnt meat’ production ‘Stop representing bad food’: J-CAST News[Texte intégral]

In the NHK television series Chimu Dondon, which will air on September 7, 2022, a scene was depicted in which chefs from the main character’s former workplace, Nobuko (Yuna Kuroshima), served burnt meat as harassment. . .

On SNS, there are many voices of disappointment, such as “It’s an unseemly act as a chef” and “Stop portraying food that’s sloppy.”

*The following contains spoilers.

  • Yuna Kuroshima (Photo: TIFF 2019/Aflo)

    Yuna Kuroshima (Photo: TIFF 2019/Aflo)

  • Yuna Kuroshima (Photo: TIFF 2019/Aflo)

Pieces of meat that are only burned in Yahagi

Nobuko moved from Okinawa to Tokyo and grew up at the Italian restaurant “Alla Fontana” in Ginza, Tokyo. Currently, he is independent and has opened an Okinawa restaurant “Chimu Dondon”. However, due to lack of customers, it was decided to close the store and review the store’s taste and menu.

In order to encourage Nobuko, her husband Kazuhiko (Mr. Hio Miyazawa) hosted a dinner party at Fontana with Chef Futatsuhashi (Masanobu Takashima) from Fontana. Chef Futatsuhashi also invites his former employee Yahagi (Kai Inowaki).

In the past, Yahagi left Fontana abruptly with two colleagues. After that, independence failed. Yahagi, who was heavily in debt, snuck into Fontana and stole the store’s sales and deeds. Currently, he has changed his mind and is active as a chef at the Nobuko restaurant, but there is still a feud between him and the chefs at Fontana.

During dinner, a traditional Italian pork dish “porchetta” was served. Everyone exclaimed, “That looks delicious. However, only Yahagi frowned. Yahagi’s plate was littered with burnt leftovers. After the meal, Chief Futatsuhashi, who was monitoring the situation, expressed concern for Yahagi, saying, “You held up well today. Yahagi lowered his head with a tearful expression and left the store.

A voice lamenting, ‘Please don’t treat food badly again.’

In response to Yahagi’s treatment, some people criticized him on Twitter, saying, “I completely understand how you feel, but I really can’t do it.”

“Whatever the reason, the chef uses the food to harass you…is this really a first class restaurant?”
“Isn’t it disqualifying as a chef to serve a nagging dish by deliberately spoiling the ingredients out of personal feelings?
“If you want revenge, shouldn’t you serve something so delicious you’ll regret stopping?”

Additionally, there are voices lamenting “there is a lack of respect for ingredients” and “please don’t treat food badly anymore.” In the past, voices have been raised to question the food handling at “Chimudondon”.

The following scenes are mostly discussed on Twitter.

In the fourth week, “Seishun Neapolitan”, a cooking contest between schools is spoiled by spilled soup. Week 11, “Pork and Eggs and Men and Women,” throws tomato sauce into a chaotic kitchen. During the 16th week, “Gosanmi ni Ai wo Komete”, Nobuko’s older brother Kenhide (Ryo Ryuusei) was violent in front of food and was dispersed.

In the 17th week, “The rafute that I ate at that time”, there is a scene where the Okinawan side dish “Kubuirichi”, which is izakaya stir-fried kelp “Amayu” where Nobuko stays, has rotted away. There were voices saying, “I want Okinawan cuisine to be beautifully represented.”

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