Driven by Attack and Defense, ‘Very Matured’ Seibu Mori Yamakawa Felt ‘Evolution in 9th Grade’ | Full Count

Mori, Yamakawa and Kure hit three homers in a row for the first time in three years

■ Seibu 3-2 Lotte (6th, Belluna Dome)

On the 6th, Seibu won the Lotte game held at his home ground, Belluna Dome, 3-2, and is in second place with a game difference of 0 (1 cent win rate difference) by compared to the leader Softbank. In the 4th inning, with both teams scoreless, catcher Yuya Mori moved to left center after two outs, breaking the balance with the solo No. 8. Next infielder Hodaka Yamakawa reached No. 38 solo and infielder Gure Neniwa reached No. 5 solo, and the team hit three consecutive homers for the first time in three years since Genda, Mori, and Nakamura vs. Orix on August 15, 2019. I saw

It was the forest that started the fire. 4 innings with 2 dead runners. Lotte’s starting pitcher Ishikawa, who had been perfectly suppressed until then, picked up a low cut ball from the 3-2 count and carried it to the left center seat in the opposite direction. Mori, who took the helm after the game, said, “Thanks to Mitsunari (starting pitcher Mitsunari Takahashi) who pitched tenaciously in the previous inning, I was able to stay at bat with a good pace.”

In fact, Takahashi was in trouble with the bases loaded with an out in the 4th inning just before, but let Chatani hit a low slider on the first pitch and hit a three goro double play to pass scoreless. It would have been a satisfying lead for Mori wearing a mask.

At bat, Mori had been slow at a 10% batting average through the end of June, but since arriving here Aug. 28, he’s hit seven straight since the game against Orix. Especially in the game that Takahashi throws, a hit worth a thousand gold coins stands out. Even in the game against Nippon-Ham on August 30, Uesawa made the last solo No. 6 in the 4th set, which was 1-1. Even in the Softbank game of 15, he won 0-0 in the 4th inning and hit the No. 5, 2 runs. Takahashi’s achievement of double-digit wins for the second year in a row cannot be discussed without mentioning Mori.

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