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This article presents the walkthrough information for FGO’s Super Collection Quest “Fantasy Tree Spiral Battle (Section 19 3/3)”. Hints for setting up and capturing the enemy are displayed, so please use them when capturing the Fantasy Tree Spiral Battle (Super Collection Quest).

Road To 7 Walkthrough Summary “Lost Belt 4”

fantasy tree spiral battle (SupermarketMemory Quest) Enemy Formation

Cheats Super Collection Quest


This item isClear the difficult Super Collection questarticle. Please note that the usual cheats are not in this article.

Click here for normal collection quest strategy

enemy formation

Click here for the Fantasy Tree Spiral Battle Clear Dashboard

Skills and Noble Phantasms used by spawning enemies

* Some playable characteristics and skills of minions may be released.

Peperoncino (enemy master)


skill [Exister]* Used at the end of each round
Cancels the weak state of a single unit
& Add damage cut state (3T, 3 times)
[Reprenez votre pouvoir ! ]※Opening use
Increases Ashwatthama’s attack power (permanent, unremovable)
& Buster Performance Up (permanent/unremovable)
[Protégez l’arbre fantastique ! ]*At the first break of either
Gives Ashwatthama a target Focus state (5T, unremovable)
& increase attack power (permanent)
[Destin, en colère ! ]*At the second break of either
Increases Ashwatthama’s attack power (permanent, unremovable)
&Charge +3

fantasy tree spiral

fgo_fantasy tree spiral_icon

Characteristics/Properties Threat to humanity: colossal
passive [Astéroïde](Cannot be canceled permanently)
Gain resistance to Noble Phantasm attacks
[Nébuleuse](Cannot be canceled permanently)
increase defense
skill 【importance】
Increases the attack power of a single ally (3 turns)
Cancels the reinforcement of a single enemy
charge star burst
attack all enemies
& give defense down
special Asteroid Purge*1 Used during breaks
Free “Asteroid”
& Gives a state that charges +1 each turn
nebula purge*2 Used during breaks
Free “Nebula”
& Gives +1 jersey status every turn
(total +3 each turn)


capture fgo_ashvatterman_eye

Characteristics/Properties skychaosModerateMalehumanoiddivinityrelatives
passive [Reprenez votre pouvoir ! ]*Used by opening Pepe
Increases Ashwatthama’s attack power (permanent, unremovable)
& Buster Performance Up (permanent/unremovable)
skill Mani B Jewel
Treat yourself to invincibility (1T)
& increase load by 1
Shido A’s Trampling
Increase the performance of its own Buster card (3T)
Adds a state that reduces defense power (3T) when attacking &B (3 times, 5T)
Supreme Warrior A+
Increase the performance of its own fast card (3T)
Grants a state that grants cli power-up (3T) to self during &Q attack (3 times, 5T)
lofty fantasy Rolling wheels, raise the flames of outrage
A super powerful attack on a single enemy that increases in power the less you have HP.
&Release Defense Strengthened State
special Condemned, angry!* At the time of the second break
Increases Ashwatthama’s attack power (permanent, unremovable)
&Charge +3

SupermarketCapture points for collection quests

⓪ Pay attention to the activation timing of the enemy master’s command spell

A type of quest in which Peperoncino, the master of the enemy camp, intervenes in combat. See the table above for times.

① Fantasy tree is difficult, Ashwatthama has high firepower

Due to the influence of each passive, it is difficult to damage fantasy trees, and Ashwatthama has very high firepower with passive and normal skills. The Fantasy Tree attack buff is also given to Ashwatthama, so if the buffs stack, even normal attacks will go out of control.

② If you break either, you will focus on the target


If you break Ashwatthama or Fantasy Tree, by Peperoncino’s command spellTargeted Focus + attack buff granted to Ashwatthamabe finished. It lasts 5 turns and cannot be canceled, so if you want to attack quickly you need to use all your Noble Phantasms for high damage.

③ Beware of immediate Noble Phantasm when breaking Ashwatthama 2

Fantasy Ju-2

When you break Ashwatthama twice, give “attack and charge increase 3” and use the immediate treasurecome. Fortunately, there is no invincible penetration or hit, so let’s counter it with invincible evasion. Since this is a single Noble Phantasm, it’s best to prepare a shield by focusing on targets like Mash.

④ The imaginary tree charges faster each time it breaks

The Fantasy Tree gains more charge each turn on each pause, significantly shortening the duration of the charge attack. (After 2 breaksonce every 3 rounds)

Charge attacks can be blocked with invincibility and evasion, but the pacing is too fast and you won’t have enough evasion or invincibility, so if this is going to be a long-term battle, aim for more. Approach Ashwatthama with a single NP and leave the Fantasy Tree behind.

Also, after the break, use a lot of reinforcement cancel

Fantasy Ju-3

Breaking fantasy trees not only speeds up charging, but alsoPlentiful use of takedown skill boosts for individual unitswill come a Be aware that the tactics of dodging the number of times and having Guts do the butt won’t make sense depending on your luck.

⑤ It is easier to defeat Ashwatthama first

It’s quite difficult to fight due to the concentration of targets and the Fantasy Tree’s charge attack, so it might be easier to defeat Ashvatthaman in order with a single NP in the first place.

If you have the firepower you can push with all Noble Phantasms

For those who can prepare 3 bursts of high-powered All-Purpose Noble Phantasms, it is easier to complete the quest with All-Purpose Noble Phantasms. If you have a black chalice, a strong attacker and a supporter, you can try it.

Be careful not to rely too much on anti-purge defenses

Because there is defense enhancement cancellation by Noble Phantasm of Ashwatthama and enhancement cancellation by Fantasy TreeAnti-purge defenses can be suppressed

Ashwatthama’s Noble Phantasm damage themselves can be avoided by being invincible, but subsequent follow-up attacks will be eaten, so minions other than Lancer need to be careful of the damage they take.

If you’re going to challenge with haste, prepare the attacker with debuff resistance, or focus on target to parry Ashwatthama’s Noble Phantasm.

Recommended crafting minions and essences

Recommended striker

Recommended Supporter

Recommended Craft Essences

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