Former Outlaw Charisma, Complaining to Impulse Itakura Who Stopped ‘Do It For Now’ Parody Face Tattoo: J-CAST News[Affichage du texte intégral]

Mixed martial arts fighter Junji Urita, known as the charisma of the outlaw, complained to Toshiyuki Itakura of comedy duo Impulse, who gave up impersonating him but quit because he was “scary”.

  • Mr. Junji Urada. From the couple's Instagram (junshi.reiko)

    Mr. Junji Urada. From the couple’s Instagram (junshi.reiko)

  • Mr. Junji Urada. From the couple's Instagram (junshi.reiko)

We will show the parody character “Melon Plate”…

The beginning of the case was the project “Open a hole in the world of entertainment! In this project, which is based on the martial arts event “Breaking Down”, Mr. Itakura appeared as a parody character “Uriita” who replicated Mr.

Urita reacted to this with a video posted on his YouTube channel on the 9th. While saying, “I was glad you did a parody of me,” he said, “It’s just a courtesy to be ridiculed. At this point. The company can be loud, but once it’s our program (YouTube), I have to come to, “he made a public offer.

Then, when the second part of “Breaking Yancha Audition” took place on August 28 at “Chance Time,” Mr. Itakura, unlike the previous time, performed the parody of “Piita Arts” by Peter Arts. Regarding why he left “Melon Ita,” he explained, “The person himself said on YouTube, ‘Itakura, you show your face.’ I was a little scared…”

“That’s wrong, Itakura.”

Meanwhile, Mr. Urita updated his YouTube channel on September 4. Regarding Mr. Itakura’s stoppage of the melon council, he shouted, “That’s wrong, isn’t it, Itakura?” As a veteran artist, isn’t that embarrassing? I was able to show my back to many juniors so I was afraid to do it once,” he complained.

On the other hand, he showed his affection by saying, “Well, I love Itakura” and gave his approval by saying, “If possible, I would like you to continue doing ‘Kuriita’ without being unhappy with that.” He then said, “You might be thinking about letting things fade away without making them as they are, but that’s not good either. Well, I have high hopes for Mr. Itakura in the future. “Now is the time to do it,” he cried.

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