Former Prime Minister Abe ‘State Funeral’ Closed in the House of Representatives today | NHK | State Funeral

Regarding the state funeral of former Prime Minister Abe, Prime Minister Kishida will attend the Diet on the 8th, and a closed-door review will be held in both Houses of the Diet. As public opinion is divided, the focus will be on whether Prime Minister Kishida can explain the reasons for holding “state burials” that will lead to many people’s understanding.

Regarding the “state burial” of former Prime Minister Abe on the 27th of this month, the House of Representatives Steering Committee of both houses of the House of Representatives will receive explanations from Prime Minister Kishida and the Chief Secretary of the Matsuno Cabinet in the afternoon of the 8th, and will ask questions to each party.

Among them, the ruling party will confirm with Prime Minister Kishida the reasons and importance of holding “state burials” for former prime ministers for the first time in 55 years.

In response, opposition parties have pointed out that the special treatment of Mr Abe is strange, and the government is considering criticizing the validity of the “state burials”, which are expected to cost around 1.66 billion yen in total. .

In addition, talks are expected to be exchanged on the relationship between the former Unification Church and the Liberal Democratic Party, which became clear following Mr Abe’s shooting.

As public opinion is divided on the pros and cons of “state burials”, the focus will be on whether Prime Minister Kishida can provide an explanation that will lead to understanding for many citizens through the in camera review.

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