‘God Kaiba’ returned to Seibu’s crisis.

As soon as he was promoted, he pitched in the First Army since August 5 and scored 7 saves with 1 hit and no runs.

Seibu 3-2 Lotte (6th, Belluna Dome)

Seibu pitcher Kaiba Hirara was registered as a player for the first time in about a month on the 6th against Lotte at his home ground, the Belluna Dome. He immediately pitched in the 9th inning with a 1-run 3-2 lead and scored his 7th save of the season (1 win and 3 losses) with 1 hit and no runs per inning. Curiously, that day the guardian deity, pitcher Tatsushi Masuda, who scored the league’s best 29 saves, was written off as a “2022 Special” because a close relative tested positive for the novel coronavirus. Will ‘Kaiba God’, who returned to the crisis in the team, lead to the league championship for the first time in three years with 17 games remaining?

I didn’t feel empty at all. However, now is not the time to say blanks. Taira was hit by a pinch hitter in the lead, Kakunaka, but he didn’t allow a follow-up bunt to Matsukawa, and he was down on three bunts. Pinched hitter Laird hit the straight fly with all three straights, and in the end Ogino ran into a slider, but he survived with three straights. MAX 157 km is also measured. “I had a little rest and I had a lot of power. The pitching of the 1st army has been since the match against Lotte on August 5th. He complained of pain in his right middle finger and was canceled on the 10th, and was carefully adjusted by the 2nd Army.

Director Hatsuhiko Tsuji said, “I think positive thinking will actually lead to positive things. After all, there is power. You can watch with confidence.”

Mizukami, Honda and other relievers, led by Taira, all have around 1 point ERA.

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