“Hexagon” Members Reunited! Satoda Mai, Suzanne, and Other “Nostalgic” Voice Reunions… Reported by Takeshi Tsuruno-Sports Hochi

  1. The “Hexagone” members reunited! Satoda Mai, Suzanne and other “nostalgic” voice reunions… Reported by Takeshi Tsurunosports report
  2. Suzanne, Mai Satoda, Yukina Kinoshita and More ‘Aladdin’ Members Reunite – GIGAZINElive door
  3. Suzanne, impressed by the Hexagon Alumni association “Thank you for the miracle of meeting” Yukina, Tsurunora and smiledaily sports
  4. Suzanne, Yukina Kinoshita, Maira Satoda “Aladdin” Fans Deeply Moved by Reunion “I Can Cry” “I Want Shinsuke to Be Here Too”Appendix Sponichi
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