“I see Shohei Otani every night, but I still can’t believe it.”

He hit a multi-home run for the sixth time this season on the previous 6

Angels pitcher Shohei Otani will start on the 6th (Japan time 7) against the Tigers at his home as the “3rd batter”. In the same 5(6) game the day before, he scored his sixth multi-home run this season. The shock lasts the night.

The official “MLB Network” Twitter account spelled out, “Somehow, somehow, Shohei Ohtani will get better.” Honored to have reached 6 degrees.

Sarah Langs, Official MLB Reporter, points to the legendary performance continuing, saying, “If we take Shohei Ohtani for granted, we have failed as a baseball community.” . Plus, “I watch him on TV every night, but I still can’t believe what he’s doing,” he introduced, using numbers to show he’s the best in the business. MLB in the pitching and hitting divisions.

According to him, as a pitcher, the average ball speed for starting pitchers this season (for pitchers who threw 400 or more fastballs as a starting pitcher) is 97.3 mph (about 156.6 km), which is 5th. As a starting pitcher this season, split (49%) is 3rd in miss rate of a type of pitch (for pitchers who have completed 150 or more swings for that type of pitch). As a hitter, he ranks 4th (17.7%) in barrel rate (for hitters who bat 250 or more balls with the bat). The overwhelming numbers show just how high the level of dual wielding is.

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