Intellasia East Asia News – Powerful Typhoon Hinnamnor hits southwest Japan and moves north

Powerful Typhoon Hinnamnor passed Japan’s southwestern main island of Kyushu on Tuesday morning, bringing torrential rains and strong winds to the region, before moving north across the Sea of ​​Japan.

Kyushu has so far seen widespread power outages and disruptions to transport services, with a man in his 60s in Saga prefecture believed to have died after falling from a roof as he attempted to protect against storms, authorities said.

The Japan Meteorological Agency continued to warn people of possible landslides and swollen rivers due to heavy rains.

Although the typhoon is expected to be downgraded to an extratropical cyclone by Tuesday evening, eastern and western Japan are expected to experience heavy rains and thunderstorms through Wednesday. Japan’s northernmost main island, Hokkaido, could also be affected by strong winds and storms, the agency said.

After approaching Kyushu, the 11th typhoon of the season swept through Shimane Prefecture and other parts of the country’s west coast as it crossed the Tsushima Strait.

Parts of southeastern South Korea were also badly hit by the typhoon, with one person confirmed dead and others missing in the cities of Pohang and Ulsan, north of the major metropolis of Busan, according to local media.

As of noon Tuesday, Typhoon Hinnamnor was located about 280 kilometers north-northwest of Matsue, Shimane Prefecture, moving northeast at 65 km/h, according to the agency.

The typhoon had an atmospheric pressure of 965 hectopascals at its center and was blowing winds of up to 180 km/h.

Disruptions to communication services were reported mainly in Kyushu and the southern island prefecture of Okinawa, while around 38,000 households in Japan’s southwestern prefectures of Fukuoka, Saga, Nagasaki, Kumamoto and Kagoshima suffered power outages.

Rail transport has been disrupted, with JR Kyushu suspending bullet train services between Hakata and Kumamoto.

All Nippon Airways Co. and Japan Airlines Co. said flights, mainly those to or from airports on Japan’s west coast facing the Sea of ​​Japan, will be canceled.

According to a 24-hour forecast through Wednesday noon, 150 millimeters of rain are expected in Shikoku and Kinki, and 120 mm in Tokai. In the next 24 hours, up to 150 mm are expected in Tokai.

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