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Sendai players listen to coach Ito’s tactics

On the 7th, J2 Sendai started the night after the director change, under new manager Ito. That day, after working on passing, we had a red and white game (10 minutes x 4 times). This is the first time this season that the full-court red and white game will be broadcast.

Before the inter-squad match to grasp the abilities and characteristics of the players, Coach Ito showed the football he was aiming for using a board with lots of conventions written on it.

A red and white match in front of the new commander. There was also fierce contact play that caused the player to bleed. In the second, FW Nakajima shook the net off the counter, and in the fourth, DF Hachisuka scored a mid-range shot with his left foot. When it became a corner, he stopped play and carefully explained how to defend.

Regarding Coach Ito’s training, striker Nakayama said: “There has been a lot of explanation about the conventions. We will move forward while understanding. Coach Ito’s football requires strength, we so we have to raise it.”

“His voice is strong. It’s surprisingly important to be able to hear your voice properly. He has a good sense of distance from players, and if you ask him about issues, he’ll speak to you properly,” the midfielder said. of Endo field. “Write it on the board. It was hard to remember anything,” he joked.

The players calmly take the change of coach with 8 games to play. Nakayama commented, “Hara (Harasaki) invited me to transfer. I thought I was doing everything I could. I think everyone is very motivated. direction to be able to continue and I will work with enthusiasm.”

Endo also said, “I’m sorry we had to give up due to our lack of strength. I think it’s the player’s fault. If there’s a lot of good things to do with the coaching change , it is possible that the team will fall We have to unite. However, looking at today’s training, it seems that everything will be fine. From the next game, we will all face the same direction and play exciting football.”

Togashi competing with Wakasa (right) in the intra-team match

Nakayama competing with Mase (left) on the way

Endo goes on the offensive in the intra-squad game

Manager Ito explains the tactics in front of the board

Nakajima shoots in intra-squad play
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