Lady Gaga’s First Performance in Japan in 8 Years Is Fair, Clean and Powerful! Cosplay Visitors Wear Masks to Prevent Infection (Nikkan Gendai DIGITAL) – Yahoo! News

[Photo]Is Putin a Beatles fan? Two shots with Paul McCartneyTickets range from 8,500 yen for grandstand seating to 100,000 yen for VIP seating. VIPs come with special merchandise, special entrance, and a priority lane for selling merchandise. Although there is an opinion in this ticket ranking that ‘I can show income disparity at live shows’, ‘in the past someone has purchased a ticket from a reseller or an auction that someone has raised to a high price. I think I can justify the price of this,” said an office worker in her 50s. There are no scalpers near the venue, and it certainly looks fair and clean.

The live venue is a cosplay festival

It was worth the 8 year wait!

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