Mark Webber apologizes to Daniel Ricciardo over Piastri’s F1 contract fuss[]

Mark Webber apologizes to Daniel Ricciardo for Piastri F1 dispute

Daniel Ricciardo has revealed Mark Webber has apologized for contract disputes between Oscar Piastri and McLaren, which have dominated F1 in recent weeks.

Former F1 driver Mark Webber manages Oscar Piastri, who will replace Daniel Ricciardo at the McLaren F1 team in 2023.

Daniel Ricciardo and McLaren announced on Wednesday ahead of the Belgian Grand Prix that they had agreed to end their relationship at the end of 2022, a year before their contract expires.

Oscar Piastri’s path to the McLaren F1 team has been cleared by the contract approvals committee, which revealed he signed with McLaren on July 4.

It was an open secret that Daniel Ricciardo’s exit was to make way for his young compatriot, although the CRB’s findings were only confirmed on Friday afternoon.

Mark Webber, who worked for the Channel 4 television station at the weekend in Zandvoort, was able to settle problems with Daniel Ricciardo, who replaced him at Red Bull Lessing in 2014.

“We haven’t seen each other in person since contract negotiations began,” said Daniel Ricciardo of Mark Webber.

“I don’t think he had to, but somehow he felt like he wanted to apologize and see how I did.”

“I know what the sport is like. It’s not personal to me and he made sure I knew it, understood it and felt good.”

“He was sorry for the way it was perceived and the way things were reported in the media. Well, it was nice talking to him.”

Daniel Ricciardo also revealed he spoke to Oscar Piastri and pledged his support despite the lost record.

“To be honest, I also spoke with Oscar and confirmed that there was no hard feelings there, because I understand how things like this can go wrong,” Ricciardo explained.

“He’s trying to succeed. He’s trying to get into F1. This moment should be really important for him. I don’t want it to be a bad situation for him.”

“That’s it. It’s not personal.”

“That was the end of the conversation. I wish him all the best and wish him good luck in Formula 1.”

“So. It’s just a situation and that’s how it is. I still love Mark very much and I respect him.”

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