Masochistic Mercedes F1 rep ‘Consider removing the rear wing at Monza'[]

Masochistic Mercedes F1 representative

Mercedes F1 team principal Toto Wolff has joked that he is considering removing the rear wing to improve the W13’s performance at the Italian Grand Prix.

Despite winning 15 of its last 16 titles, the Mercedes F1 team is still struggling with a number of issues in 2022, from porpoising to a lack of straight-line speed.

Known as the “Temple of Speed”, Monza is one of the fastest places on the F1 calendar. Lewis Hamilton set the fastest lap in F1 history at 164.267mph in qualifying for the 2020 Italian Grand Prix.

To match this, Toto Wolff came up with an extreme solution.

“We are considering removing the rear wing entirely to make it less vulnerable on the straights,” Wolff told media.

“So the car has flaps[grandes cibles]with too much drag and downforce where it’s not really needed.”

“That’s something we hope to change soon.”

“It’s for next year and we’re learning the hard way right now.”

“And I think at some tracks, especially in qualifying, it hurts us.”

“As we saw at Spa, there weren’t too many differences on the straights, so the race looks better.”

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