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Hokuto Matsumura

“You are a nice bastard.”

SixTONESHokuto Matsumura(27) said a goof when he played with a member infected with the new coronavirus.

SixTONES / Hokuto Matsumura leaves fans after making a mistake on the radio

Matsumura will air on September 3.“SixTONES All Night Nippon Saturday Special”(Nippon Broadcasting) with Tanaka Tatsuki (27) from the same group. At the start of the program, Tanaka reported that member Yugo Takachi (28) was undergoing medical treatment after being infected with the coronavirus. At that time, Matsumura said about Takachi, “You are a nice bastard”, and the fans criticized him.

At SixTONES, in February this yearjessie(26)、Shintaro Morimoto(25), Tanaka’s three people were infected with Corona and the live was postponed, so Tanaka was concerned about Takachi from start to finish.

“Well, but I also had an event earlier this year that was postponed.”and understood.

Takachi was to appearShikan NakamuraThe featured scene ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ was due to have its first day on September 6, but it has just been announced that the performance has been canceled after someone involved in the performance tested positive for the novel coronavirus infection. .

Before Takachi tested positive for Corona, he was scheduled to work with all six members of SixTONES, but it appears that has also been postponed.

Matsumura on the radio“I didn’t want to worry too much about it (for those involved in the work). I just said, ‘I’m sorry Takachi is on strike.'”He reports having explained to the people concerned.

“Mr. Tanaka, who has experience with Corona, thought of Mr. Takachi, who was preparing for the stage, ‘Maybe he was tired and various things’, and the expression of ‘strike ‘ by Mr. Matsumura against Mr. Takachi.“Bad follow-up” “Because it was inevitable”I was convinced.

Mr. Matsumura also showed understanding by saying, “I wonder if you were busy,” “I can’t say anything more.

In response to this exchange, Matsumura fans also“Yawana Bastard” “Strike”Such expressions were criticized, causing a firestorm. On Twitter,

《Those who are infected with the corona virus are called “soft bastards”, and even if they recover, they are called “strike”.

《I don’t understand the person called Hokuto Matsumura who talks about his Corona infected friend on live radio as a nice bastard》

《I had just learned that my friend had a fever from the corona virus and it was quite painful, so calling Takachi-kun, who has the corona virus, a “soft bastard” is a bit…》

And there are bitter opinions.

Only Matsumura who struggled

Matsumura joined Johnny’s office in 2009, and the same year, “Yuma Nakayama with BIShadow”First CD as a unit (members are Yuma Nakayama, Kento Nakajima, Fuma Kikuchi,Hokuto MatsumuraYuugo Takachi)。

However, with Kento Nakajima (28) who was the same memberFuma Kikuchi(27) debuted as Sexy Zone in 2011, and the group all but disbanded.

After that, Matsumura went through a period where he had no job at all, but through his own efforts, he started the serial drama of 2012.“Private Baccalaureate High School”(Nippon TV series), he appeared in dramas and stage performances in quick succession, and was highly regarded for his acting ability.

In 2015, SixTONES was formed with the same members as now and gained great popularity as Johnny’s Jr. Even though the days of suffering continued, as the junior group that debuted first, they honed their live performances, performed and fought on rot-free variety shows, and finally in 2020.SixTONESmade his CD debut as

After that, the morning drama 2021 »everyone come(NHK), he starred as Minoru Kiji, sparking a boom in “Mr. Minoru.”

It’s unfortunate that Matsumura’s fans kept falling due to repeated remarks that may be misunderstood due to the difficult times.

Additionally, Johnny’s has an experience that has canceled many live events and performances due to the corona wreckage.Kis-Mon-Ft2Kennaga Senga (31) suffered from sequelae such as olfactory disorders for several months due to two corona infections.“Maybe I won’t be cured before I die.”and expressed his anxiety.“I want you to recognize once again that there is a danger in taking someone’s life.”He also drew attention to young people. That’s why fans seem hurt by the careless remarks about Corona.

Matsumura’s gaffe this time around was perhaps just paying lip service to liven up the program as it is a radio without pictures. Until now, he worked on the radio with a strong spirit of service, mixing racy words and dirty jokes.

Even though it was a talk on the radio that tends to be radical, I should have been a little more careful.

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