Max Verstappen “I haven’t changed even if I become F1 champion”[]

Max Verstappen:

Max Verstappen insists he hasn’t changed at all despite dominating the likes of Ayrton Senna, Michael Schumacher and Lewis Hamilton in F1.

Reigning F1 world champion Max Verstappen is in contention for a second consecutive drivers’ title, cementing his place among the top 15 highest-paid athletes in the world.

But Max Verstappen, 24, says that doesn’t fuel his ego.

“I’m busy with work and living my life differently,” Verstappen told Sporza Sportweekend.

“I feel comfortable with who I am. Other than that, I don’t really think about who I am.”

“I focus on what I need to focus on to perform and live a relaxed life.”

Despite this stance, Max Verstappen is well aware of the kind of hype he is creating on the F1 circuit and in the sporting world at large.

“Of course, sometimes I feel like I already have experience in this sport, but I try to keep it as low as possible,” Verstappen said.

“Some things are just a fraction, but I think the best thing to do is get in the car and do your own thing.”

Verstappen also says he doesn’t dream of a career in his forties like Michael Schumacher and Fernando Alonso.

“I think in the end it will only last 10 to 15 years like this and then I will quit,” Verstappen said.

“I started running very young and I don’t think I will run at 40.”

“I hope they leave me alone after that,” laughed Max Verstappen.

If you don’t want to win, you can open a way to quit early.

“Without it, there’s no motivation to race,” Verstappen said.

“At the end of the day, winning is the most important thing. It’s about crossing the line first and that comes at a high price.”

Max Verstappen also has his eye on some of the most intense rivalries facing sportspeople, such as the head-to-head battle between Mercedes and Lewis Hamilton in 2021.

“In general, I get on well with everyone. On the track, you always have to be respectful, but I want to beat everyone,” Verstappen said.

Finally, Max Verstappen has won a hard-won battle but insists nothing else has changed for him.

“Not really,” said Max Verstappen.

“My biggest goal has already been achieved and that gives me peace of mind.”

“I always like to win, but if you don’t win you have to be able to put things into perspective. At the end of the day you have to analyze why you lost, that’s the most important thing.”

Max Verstappen won the Dutch Grand Prix last weekend in a helmet livery that pays homage to his famous father Jos Verstappen.

“I traveled a lot with my father, and at the time he was quite strict with me”, recalls Max Verstappen.

“Some people can’t take it, but I needed it.”

“I have a lot of confidence now because of that, and I know I can always improve.”

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