Mio Imada & Mahiro Takasugi co-star for the first time! Blood Donation Reception Staff and Collaborators Good Refreshing Performance “Meguru Blood Donation Project” New CM & Making – maidigitv

  1. Mio Imada & Mahiro Takasugi co-starring for the first time! Refreshingly good performance of blood donation reception staff and collaborators “Meguru Blood Donation Project” new CM and manufacturingmaidigitv
  2. Mio Imada & Mahiro Takasugi Couldn’t Hide Their Embarrassment Over Their First Co-Star, “I Was Nervous” & “A Mysterious Feeling” (September 7, 2022)Excite Bit Connector
  3. Mio Imada & Mahiro Takasugi, embarrassed to co-star for the first time!moviecollectionjp
  4. Mio Imada & Mahiro Takasugi Reveal “The Roles They Want To Challenge In The Future” Impressions From First Co-Star “Meguru Blood Donation Project” New CM Interviewmaidigitv
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