Osaka Woman Murder Case Presence or Absence of Suicide Memo Prefectural Police Explain Lie | NHK

A suspect who was arrested for the murder of a woman who had adopted a child has committed suicide in police custody. Osaka Prefectural Police Headquarters explained the existence of a note involving the suicide written by the suspect in a press release, explaining the lie. I clarified that I did and apologized.

Rin Takai (28), a former life insurance company employee who was arrested on suspicion of murder for the murder of an adopted woman at a home in Takatsuki City, Osaka , was arrested on the morning of the 1st of this month. suicide in the detention center of the Osaka-Fukushima police station where he worked, and died.

A suicide note was found two days ago, but the situation hasn’t escalated, and it’s known there was a problem with the police management system.

The Detention Management Division of Osaka Prefectural Police Headquarters received a report from the police station after the suspect attempted suicide and was aware of the existence of the note. He would have explained that she had not been discovered.

Moreover, during the press conference held on the 2nd, he repeatedly lied that he had “understood the existence of the memo today”.

Osaka Prefectural Police Headquarters revealed on the 7th that a series of explanations were wrong.

Regarding this, Reiko Fuchida, the head of the Detention Management Department, apologized, “I was giving a false explanation. The explanation should be correct, and I apologize for not being able to convey the correct content. “

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