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Visual poster “Aibou Season21”
(C) TV Asahi

TV Asahi has released the poster visual and preview video for the drama “Partner Season 21” which will air from October. The poster visual follows the “origin” of the first drama series “Aibo Season 1”, but goes beyond to create a visual that is suitable for the “beginning of a new legend”.

In Aibo Season 21, Kaoru Kameyama, who plays Yasufumi Terawaki, reappears as a “fifth generation buddy”. Yutaka Mizutani will once again team up with Ukyo Sugishita. The released poster visual has a sense of vibrancy reminiscent of Season 1, but it also powerfully expresses the combination of Ukyo and Kaoru reaching beyond their origins and into the future.

“Aibo season21” starts in October 2022! Every Wednesday from 9:00 a.m. / 30 seconds PR

In the trailer released at the same time, Kaoru’s wife, Miwako Kameyama (played by Sawa Suzuki), Miyako Sha (played by Yukie Nakama), Mineaki Kai (played by Koji Ishizaka) and Kenichi Itami (Kazuhisa Kawahara) from the First Investigative Divisions are also indicated. Kaoru appears for a long time in front of Ukyo. In what kind of incident will the two, who resumed unexpectedly, be involved?

Additionally, the latest two-shot visuals of Ukyo and Kaoru have also been released. A wide variety of snaps were released at once, from sharp expressions to moments when a smile spread.

“Partner Season 21” will start broadcasting in October 2022 on 24 TV Asahi affiliated channels. Two classes will be broadcast every Wednesday from 9:00 p.m. to 9:54 p.m. In addition to all past seasons and drama specials of the series, the film version and derivative works are also distributed on the “TELASA” video distribution service.

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