‘Pokemon Scarlet Violet’ New Pokemon ‘Glen Alma’, ‘Sawblaze’ and ‘Gakegani’ Released! New Moves and Traits Also Appear (Inside) – Yahoo! News

[17 images au total]Details of the new Pokemon “Glen Alma”, “Sawblaze” and “Gakegani”.

Both are Pokémon that first appear in “Pokemon Scarlet Violet.” Additionally, Glen Alma will be a Pokemon you can encounter in Pokemon Scarlet, and Sawblaze in Pokemon Violet. Glenn Arma・Category: Hi no Senshi Pokemon・Type: Fire・Esper・Height: 1.5m, Weight: 85.0kg・Characteristics: Psychic・Armor is Esper’s power source. It is the armor of a brave warrior and the source of energy for Glen Alma’s psychic-type moves. Additionally, he manipulates the flame energy inside his body with his armor’s esper ability to unleash his techniques. ■Fighting Fair and Square Glenn Alma believes in fighting fair and square, and will even challenge tough opponents head-on. He is good at fighting with strong armor to boost his defense and defeat him with high firepower techniques. ■Armor Cannon, a move Glenn Alma is learning A special fire-type move that fires its own armor as flaming bullets. Move the left and right shoulder pads to the end of the arm and change the whole arm like a cannon. This is one of Glenn Arma’s strongest moves, but his defense and special defense go down in exchange for his potency. Sawblaze・Category: Pokemon Hinokenshi・Type: Fire・Ghost・Height: 1.6m, Weight: 62.0kg・Attractiveness: Samurai wields a sword made of fire and ghost energy. In battle, he gains firepower and transforms into a two-handed sword. If you are cut by this great sword, you will receive a wound that will drain your life energy. ■No choice of means in battle I tend to do whatever it takes to win a battle, like cheating and stealing. He prefers close combat and uses his quick movements to get close to the opponent’s blind spots and strikes with his greatsword. ■Munen no Tsurugi, a technique that Sawblaze learns A fire-type physical technique that slashes the opponent with the tip of the sword filled with regrets about this world. Absorbs the opponent’s life energy from the lacerated wound, recovering half of the damage dealt. Crab Crab・Category: Rock Pokemon・Type: Rock・Height: 1.3m, Weight: 79.0kg・Features: Anchor Shell/Shell Armor low and clings to a cliff so its prey can attack from above. But I can’t wait long because the blood goes to my head and my eyes roll. ■Scissors that are both powerful and dexterous Kegani’s scissors have strong gripping power, and once they catch their prey, they won’t let go. Grab the opponent with one pair of scissors and use the other to undermine their defenses and hit their vital points. Scissors will regenerate after a while even if caught in combat. In some parts of the Pardea region, it is considered a valuable ingredient. ■Trait “Ikari no Kora” Wake Crab’s “Ikari no Kora” trait is a new ability that will appear in this book. When Gakegani’s HP is halved, his rage decreases his defense and special defense, but his attack, special attack and speed increase. “Pocket Monster Scarlet” and “Pocket Monster Violet” are priced at 6,578 yen (tax included) for the package version and 6,500 yen (tax included) for the download version, respectively, and will be released on November 18. On the same day, a double pack featuring “Pocket Monsters Scarlet and Violet” is set to be released, and the price is 13,156 yen (tax included).

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