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[Baseball professionnel]Munetaka Murakami (Yakult) hit the 52nd home run in the Hanshin game against Yakult on September 6. The video received many comments.

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Hanshin Tigers vs. Tokyo Yakult Swallows match held at Koshien Stadium on September 6th. Munetaka Murakami (Yakult) hit the No. 52 solo home run in the 6th inning, as Yakult had a 1-run 4-3 lead. With 52 games into the season, Katsuya Nomura and Hiromitsu Ochiai are tied for sixth place in history.

When DAZN posted the video of this home run on the official Twitter account with the comment “How far will it go – Katsuya Nomura and Hiromitsu Ochiai aligned with the two legends?”, it was relayed by many comments.

Fans were not only shocked by the powerful sound, but also “I cried when I raised my hands to the sky”, “Mr. Nomu looks down from the sky in Hyogo”, “I wonder if Mr. Nomu is praying”, “Nomu Mr., are you watching??” “I’m sure Nomu-san is also happy with heaven…” Immediately after stepping on the marble, I paid attention to the fact that I was praying to heaven.

Murakami never wore a uniform together with Nomu-san, Nomura’s former manager. Despite everything, I had the opportunity to meet him in person. It seems many fans felt they were praying thinking about it.

21 games to play. Eight more than Valentin’s record of 60 in 2013. Can he catch up and overtake? To this end, I will first surpass Nomu.

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