Replicate Mercedes-Benz’s ‘VISION AVTR’ Concept Car With Amazing Tech Skills From Wooden YouTuber (Real Sound) – Yahoo! News

[Photo]How to reproduce the Mercedes-Benz “VISION AVTR” in woodThe Mercedes-Benz “VISION AVTR” is a car announced as a concept car at the IAA Mobility 2021 held in Munich, Germany. It is a self-driving EV concept car produced as a worldwide partner of the movie “Avatar” released in December 2009. With BCI (brain-computer interface), it has the concept of being able to drive a car using waves cerebral. Real Sound Tech previously featured a video in which the same “ND – Woodworking Art” channel carved a BMW 328 tribute for its wooden son in the past. Although not on a large scale, it is an elaborate reproduction of the BMW 328 tribute, which is around 2 meters long and currently so popular that it has been played around 35 million times. Thus, the channel publishes videos that mainly reproduce wooden cars, and gains popularity. In this context, we have created the VISION AVTR. This time, it took 100 days to complete, and the detailed and huge production process is shown in the video. This VISION AVTR will be made mostly of wood, with the exception of certain parts such as the frame and the tires. The elaborate work of cutting each piece of wood to the pattern and using a chainsaw to shape it cleanly and finely is impressive to watch. The VISION AVTR has 33 “bionic flaps” attached to the rear of the vehicle, which resemble the rear of a “reptile”. These 33 bionic flaps are also reproduced by woodcut, and you can see the sophistication in this video. In addition, the wooden VISION AVTR is equipped with numerous LED lights on the exterior of the body and on the seats, and when illuminated in the dark, it faithfully reproduces the luxury of Mercedes-Benz. What’s more, this VISION AVTR is actually drivable, and it’s very comforting to see him driving with his birthday son in the passenger seat. This video does not use English, so you can only enjoy it visually, so if you are interested, please take this opportunity to watch it.

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