Riding a unicorn: “Sana” Mei Nagano’s “impressive” voice at the end of love (spoilers) -MANTANWEB

  1. Riding a Unicorn: The “Impressive” Voice of “Sana” Mei Nagano at the End of Love (Spoilers Included)WEBSITE
  2. Final episode “Riding on a unicorn” A convincing and impressive happy ending dominates the trend with the vocals of “Last chest fever” and “Immediate loss”To the web portal
  3. Riding on a unicorn: 8.7% audience for the last episode.WEBSITE
  4. Jiro (Kou Maehara) and Meg (Thelma Aoyama)’s Sudden Development in ‘Riding a Unicorn’ Finale Episode Shocks ‘Amazed’ Viewers ‘Too Awesome’model release
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