September 10 (Sat) and September 11 (Sun) Pre-season game with Sendai 89ERS | Ryukyu Golden Kings

A total of 4 coaches and staff members of the Sendai 89ERS team, who are the opponents of the pre-season game on September 10 (Saturday) and September 11 (Sunday), have tested positive for the new infection. rice paddy coronavirus. According to B.LEAGUE regulations, in order to play official matches (league matches and championships), it is necessary for a person with a coaching license to enter the bench as a coach. pre-season, the two teams agreed to play the match without the Sendai 89ERS coach.

The four pre-season games will be hugely important as we head into the opener on Saturday, October 1. The practice matches were scheduled for September 3 (Saturday) and September 4 (Sunday), but they were canceled due to Typhoon No. 11. I would like to express my deepest gratitude to the President of Sendai 89ERS, Takehiko Shimura , to head coach Fujita Hiroki, Sendai 89ERS officials, and most importantly, the Sendai 89ERS players for their understanding that pre-season games can take place.

In addition, the Sports Promotion Division of the Department of Culture, Tourism and Sports of Okinawa Prefecture has taken into consideration the aspect of training camps for professional basketball teams in the perspective to attract sports conventions from Okinawa Prefecture, and we received great cooperation from Okinawa Prefecture.

I am grateful that this event is happening as a friend who is passionate about basketball.

In addition, Mr. Shigeyuki Kinjo (Assistant Coach of Sendai) will not be able to participate in the retirement ceremony of Mr. Shigeyuki Kinjo (Assistant Coach of Sendai) after the match, but the event will go ahead as scheduled with invited guests. We promise to hold the event with due consideration to preventing the spread of infection, so come to Okinawa Arena.

[Informations sur le match]
B.LEAGUE pre-season
Ryukyu Golden Kings vs. Sendai 89ERS
・September 10 (Saturday) 6:05 p.m.
・September 11 (Sunday) 6:05 p.m.
Location: Okinawa Arena

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Distribution begins at 6:00 p.m. on Saturday, September 10
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