SEVENTEEN | Japanese Debut EP “DREAM” Released November 9 | Tower Records first-come, first-served bonus “photo card (13 random types)” and manufacturer bonus “lottery application ticket” included! – ONLINE CHECK-IN TOUR


This fall/winter, SEVENTEEN’s first Japanese dome tour will be released on November 9, 2022 (Wednesday)!

The title song of this work is “DREAM”.
A newly written Japanese original song adapted to color the moment of SEVENTEEN’s historic dome tour.

And the title song of the 9th Mini Album “Attacca” “Rock with you” released in October 2021 and the Special Album”; [Semicolon]“All My Love” included in the album is newly recorded in Japanese version.
Also, with love for everyone at CARAT, the hit song “Darl+ing” was produced for the Japanese version “Darl+ing -Holiday ver.-” and released as “1ST EP”.

First Press Limited Edition A, First Press Limited Edition B and First Press Limited Edition C contain a 36-page photo book showcasing each concept. And the first limited edition D includes the music video for the title track “DREAM” on M∞CARD.
The first form of “Flash Price Edition” is a cover image using a different photo with the same concept as the regular edition, and an 8-page lyrics book is included, making it an affordable product.

Benefits of Tower Records

First come, first served:Special photo card (random 1 out of 13 designs)
* If there is no mention “with benefits” on the product page, it will not be eligible for benefits.
* One of 13 types will be attached randomly. The design cannot be specified.
* The number of benefits is limited. It will end as soon as the limited number expires.

manufacturer advantages

First come, first served:“Offline Event” Application Lottery Ticket
* If there is no mention “with benefits” on the product page, it will not be eligible for benefits.
* If you order multiple items at once, if the benefit storage period (1 month from the release date) elapses before all products are available, the benefits will not be granted automatically.
* The number of benefits is limited. It will end as soon as the limited number expires.
*Benefit operation status may differ between Tower Records stores and online.
If you would like to receive special benefits when shopping at a store, please check the transaction status at each store.

▼If you don’t need the benefits, please follow the steps below to set them.
[1]During the order
1.In the shopping cart, select “No” for “I want special benefits if the product comes with special benefits”.
2.Confirm your selection on the order confirmation screen and confirm your purchase

[2]after order
You can change the privilege settings selection at the time of ordering on My Page during the period when the product has not been shipped after ordering.
※Detail isherePlease watch.

First Press Limited Edition A


[Spécifications]・36P Photobook A
・ Photocard A (1 randomly selected from 13 types)
・Original jacket ・Digipack

First Limited Edition B


・Photobook 36P B
・ Photocard B (1 randomly selected from 13 types)
・Original jacket ・Digipack

First Press Limited Disc C


・36P Photobook C
・Photocard C (Random 1 out of 13 types)
・Original jacket ・Digipack

Limited Edition First Press D


Music video creation video (“DREAM” (common to 3 types), model member combination, 1 out of 3 random type included)
・16P D Photo Book
・ Photocard D (random 1 out of 13 types)
・Original jacket ・Digipack

M∞CARD is a card that allows you to download or stream music, pictures and videos to your smartphone or PC by accessing from a QR or URL and entering an 8 pin code figures.

iOS12.0 or above, Android 6.0 or above, Win 8.1 or above, Mac OS10.12 or above
*If you are using an iPhone, please download the data to your computer, then transfer the data from your computer to your iPhone. If you access directly from your iPhone, it will be streamed.

Click here for any questions about M∞CARD

usual disc


・16P E Photo Book
・ Photo Card E (1 randomly selected from 13 types)

flash price chart


・8P lyrics book
・ Photo Card F (1 randomly selected from 13 types)

Recorded content

02. Rock with you -Japanese version-
03. All my love -Japanese version-
04. Darl+ing -Holiday ver.-

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