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The advertising agency thoroughly investigates the

Ichiro Furudate and Ruri Miura entered the TOP 10 (both photos are from Kyodo News).

There is no end to the news that disturbs the world every day.Ukraineinvasion,Unification Churchby a facilitatorsexual abuseReport. Explain them in an understandable way and sometimes pursue them fiercelythe newsor big showcommentatoris. It is said that the degree of attention will change according to their feedback. A television producer says:

“The most important thing in news programs is the viewership rating, but recently the archive has become popular and it is difficult to understand the frank reactions of viewers. When the content of a person’s comment becomes an article online with no lag, a lot of people come to see the archive as a trigger. Then there’s also the feeling that “I want this to become a hot topic and get published in more articles.” commentators who can make comments that become a hot topic on the internet are extremely helpful to the program.”

Under such circumstances, this magazine obtained the ranking materials of “liked/hated commentators” interviewed by a major advertising agency.

Looking at the list of “hated commentators”, 6 of the top 10 are from the media.

What was most unpopular with viewers was the one often seen in “Miyaneya”Gorgond. Commentator chairman of the Yomiuri Television News Bureau, originally a producer of “Miyaneya”, but started appearing as a commentator in 2019. There was a lot of opposition to his behavior, saying, “It’s just polite and rude” (36-year-old male), and “It’s disgusting to talk with your arms crossed or with your chin up” (47-year-old male, female).

second place isToru Tamagawa. He appears in “Morning Show”, but he is a staff member of TV Asahi News Bureau. “Are you confident you always look down on me?”

■ Unpopular Top 2 is the usual result

In fact, Takaoka, who ranked 1st, and Tamagawa, who ranked 2nd, are regulars in this ranking survey.

“In the previous survey, Mr. Tamagawa was ranked number one, but this time he surrendered to Mr. Takaoka by a small margin. The two are very similar in their reaction to their irresponsible attitude and the tendency of their comments to become problematic on the Internet (representative of an advertising agency)

The best non-media graduate is 3rdYoichi Ochiai. With the title of computer scientist, he is often seen as a young debater, but… “If you are going to be on TV, I would like you to dress a little more thinking about TPO” (24-year-old woman ), and “It’s hard to hear her comments because she mumbles” (19- year-old female). The key station manager also questioned, “It has become a threat to the hated two-top. The appearance impression and commentary content are not suitable for television.”

Suenobu Yoshimasa finished 4th. He has a career as a former political director of TV Asahi. “Mr. Suenobu’s notoriety seems to be mainly due to his authoritarian attitude. However, in his case, many viewers, except for the younger generation, still have a deep-rooted impression of the violent incidents that took place. during his time on television.Asahi Days (advertising agency representative).

6th place is well known as a former spell casterIchiro Furudate

“I can’t fix my gaze from above on this person for the rest of my life” (49-year-old woman), “It’s too selfish to interrupt others and start talking” (33-year-old woman year). become negative. Moreover, from the head of the advertising agency there is also such a complaint …

“On the production side, the fee is high. I’m a former ‘Hodo Station’ presenter, so even though the original frame is high, I must be popular as well…”

Another person ranked 9th among the mediaOsamu Aoki10th placeMichiko Yoshinaga13thShiro Tasaki23rdHiroshi Hoshiand carry on.

■ The station’s goal of “capturing Gen Z” also failed

This ranking of “hated commentators” is said to have revealed that the station’s goal was not to win the hearts of viewers. A manager of an advertising agency analyzes this.

“The station’s attempts to attract young people to its programs by recruiting new commentators and promoting diversity have failed. However, since some commentators are not even listed here, it can still be a blessing to have their names listed. listed even though they are unpopular with viewers.

On the program, the commentators who fight every day with the co-stars. Behind the scenes, however, the fierce battle for popularity will continue.

* 3,000 people were randomly selected by gender and age from pre-registrants on the internet, and were asked to list 3 commenters they liked and disliked, and totaled 1st = 3 points, 2nd = 2 points , 3rd = 1 point.

Photo, photo department of this magazine, Kyodo News

( FLASH weekly September 20, 2022

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